Purple plans for 2011!

  • Since this week we know about a new supergroup WHO CARES with Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi and Jon Lord :thumbup: A band (according to big Ian) for ad hoc recordings and possible performances! Lets tour in 2011!

  • Big Ian touring in January 2011. DP dates in March 2011 in Russia, Belarus Ukraine etc.. Another year of Greatest Hits touring and no new album?????? :(

    If big Ian don't want to record a new album with the Purple guys, I hope he will do this with Tony and Jon with WHO CARES (not one song please, but a whole new album) :)

    These guys are giants and pioneers: Let's have some new creativity :thumbup:

  • Just read that DON just have finished a brand new studio SOLO-ALBUM (also with Joe Bonamassa). Ready to be released in 2011. Don will do a solo tour for this album. So I gues that will be less change that we will get a new DP studio album in 2011 (not so NICE).
    When we don't get that DP album I hope we will get an WHO CARES album and tour.
    WHO CARES: I do :thumbup:

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