• I found, on a cassette tape years ago, a snippet of a song that is listed as a Phenomena III demo. It has an unknown singer (not known to me anyway)

    The chorus goes something like this...

    "Go-o-o, go, go Jaguar"

    Will have to listen again when I can find someplace to play it.

    Anybody have an idea about this one. It has bugged me for years until I found this site to ask.

  • Yes, those sessions were called "the White Dove Sessions" The singer was just a guy that that lived near Tom Galley. He was just used for the Demos. He was never going to to be used for the album. Those were recorded after the 3rd Phenomena album. A couple songs have been used on the last Phenomena album. Hope that answers your question! :)
    Galleyfan :)


  • Aha...thanks. You have no idea how I like this kind of background info. If I can think of any more question to ask, I sure will ask. You are a well of knowledge.

    I am a sucker for liner notes on a cd too. Absolutely love track by track commentaries.

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