Glenn Hughes 1994 Vlietpop review

  • Hi,

    I re-discovered a review I made after witnessing Glenn Hughes' return to the stage in the Netherlands back in 1994.

    He gave two concerts that day: one in Schuttorf, Germany with Whitesnake and BBM (Gary Moore) on the bill and the other one at the free VLIETPOP festival near The Hague.

    The review is in Dutch, but fun to read......The pix were mine too....

  • Can't read Dutch but the guitarists' names are mixed up since Eric is the blond gent and Thomas is the bearded fellow.

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  • Hoi Ad,
    Grappig verhaal, nice foto's. I missed this concert completely :( But lucky me: I've seen them a year later with the same band with the three guys from Europe :)
    Wat een super band :thumbup:

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  • :) great thx

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