Soul Mover - Worst Cover!

  • ouch indeed! Where was it recorded - in some cellar? Well, that's exactly where it should be buried... :D

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Ha,ha -the lead singer (?) certainly put body & soul into it (I don't think!)
    Would still prefer to listen to this then anything in the current UK top 40


    Ben !!

  • Could this intentionally be that bad? :huh:
    Even if it is, it's not funny! :confused:
    And the singer is impossible.
    Add an 'ouch' from me then...



  • Just to let you know there are even WORSE covers kicking around there. My award for the best version, goes to the two guys acapella version which seemed like they were having a blast performing! :clapper: :claphands


    - Glenn Hughes - Soul mover Acapella, Live At London Bridge[/ame]

  • As covers go (they're from Spain?) I don't think the guys in the first video did too badly at all. They're a youngish bunch of guys too.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • There are certain bands/artists/songs that should NEVER be covered. Who can replicate Glenn's voice, Blackmore's guitar, Freddie's range, Rush's intricacies ? Not enough who have even got the chance to do it, so just stay away. Recently saw some bands who tried covering Boston, Rush and Sabbath, and all it did was make me laugh. You may like the tune, but please don't butcher something that is a work of art.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I actually quite like this!

    The singer luckily doesnt attempt to try and replicate Glenn's vocals!

    Frank, JJ did a good Blackmore style, and the guy in Demons Eye mimics Richie reasonably as well

  • Frank, I totally agree. But occasionally I am reminded that in 2006 I actually guested on another band's rendition of Soul Mover. Thankfully Animal Behaviour (now defunked) were good musos with a cracking singer. Now Lee, being a bit of a devil, sang the first bit "Just got back from Monterrey...." which meant that I was the one who had to take it up an octave for the second verse. Yeah right.

    Can you imagine that moment of trepidation? I haven't watched it back needless to say. But one day someone will post the video at which point my name is Vastos and I live in Greenland. Ciao.

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