lipstick traces

  • What is so unnecessary and stupid about POSTING those pictures?? I can't see that! If that is true it is even more unnecessary and stupid to actually MAKING those pictures.

    I just happen to think it's funny that one pic has lipstick and the other one hasn't!

    You can't start deleting messages at random! I call that unnecessary and stupid censorship.

  • Well, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one and yes, David & I can delete whatever messages we deem necessary - we own & run this forum and we will do with it as we please - you are more than welcome to go elsewhere to post your comments - how about

    Anyway, just for the record - there was actually no lipstick involved! Gabi tells us, "they did NOT put any lipstick on Glenn and Joe. It was chapstick (vaseline), so their lips don't dry out under the lights - no color was applied".

  • Pfffft...what a 'touchy' subject it is...lipstick..vaseline...I thought it was John Harrell who added some color to the picks....

  • With the greatest respect Ad, David and Shirean run this site so it IS their call as to what they deem suitable for inclusion.

    As it happens, I could tell there was no lipstick on the photo's. It was a case of the colour and midtones between the two shots being different. I get this all the time at work when I scan something and have to alter the colour values in a picture etc. I was going to alter the one you posted back to how the previous one was with the caption "now you see it, now you dont!" but that moment's kinda passed.

    Come on, we're all one big family on here. Let's not fall out over some phantom lipstick!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • ...I still can't see why my post wasn't suitable for inclusion.

    In my opinion it was a very humorous post, with an extremely witty caption (if i may say so myself)....especially when you could see those pix right after another...not even remotely offensive.....maybe silly...but hey I didn't shoot those pix...

    ....the argument of it being lipgloss instead of lipstick makes me laugh even more, that doesn't matter! reminds me of Bill Clinton saying 'yes I smoked pot, but I never inhaled'...that didn't matter either...

    But o.k. I'm paying 'lipservice' (ha, ha) to James..let's get on with it..

  • What did I read in the HTP2 booklet? (which is a damn fine record by the way): Make-up by S.L.U.T. Cosmetics.....R.O.T.F.L.!!!!!

  • Can we talk about Joe's sexy pout then, Shirean?

    I just want to say that some of those HTP promo photos of Glenn look really great. Pity they weren't all in the booklet of the CD, which IS a great album as Ad said. And as a matter of fact, I think I'll have another listen now.


    PS Glenn's assessment of Purple's "Bananas" album is a bit off - it's actually quite a good record. The biggest difference between Blackmore and Morse (IMHO) is that Morse is a more textural guitarist, whereas Ritchie is all about the riff. "Bananas" is in many ways a more relaxed Deep Purple, but Ian Gillan is in fine voice - as proven from the opening seconds of the album. So with regard to Glenn's opinion on the album, to borrow from Shirean...we'll just have to agree to disagree!

    PPS Gillan does not appear to have as light-sensitive lips as Glenn and Joe, either

  • I think these shots on the HTP II inlay are the best pictures I've ever seen of JLT, who isn't the most photogenic guy ever. I love everything about HTP II so far and I've only had it two hours.....the design, the sound, the photos, it's great.

    As for "Bananas", my brother has it and I'm afraid it left me cold. There's usually at least one track I like, but not this time. I liked the riff for "Razzle Dazzle" but hated the chorus, and I thought "House Of Pain" was the best musically, but I don't share your opinion of Gillan's voice Todd. It sounded...well, thin for want of a better word. I've seen him live enough to know that is not the case, so it may be the production, but it doesn't have the punch and power of other guys like Dio, Glenn and JLT on their recent records.

    I loved "Purpendicular" and thought Steve Morse was a great addition, and then I thought they took a massive backwards step with "Abandon" in trying to re-record "In Rock", complete with inferior and pointless "Bloodsucker" cover. I had high expectations for "Bananas", but I have to say it will not be joining my Purple selection. HTP II however, whips monkey ass.


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

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