Premier 2010 2011

  • this will be the first time i will get to follow a whole season of action :) -once again please help the new guy football fans-is it almost always manchester united and chelsea on top? - do other teams come out of no where to surprise everyone? i know im going to enjoy whatever happens :)

  • Glad you're still interested in 'soccer' after the quite 'ordinary' World Cup recently,Tony :)
    No,it isn't always Man U & Chelsea, just the last few years :mad:
    Watch out for Arsenal,Spurs & the super-rich Manchester City once the season gets rolling.
    Sadly,my team,Liverpool, are still a little off the mark for this season but I've great hopes for a major improvement on last season. Certainly the fighting spirit they showed against Arsenal yesterday has been lacking in the recent past.

    Hope you enjoy..........

  • I notice Ben hasnt been back to mention how well Liverpool are doing :rolleyes: :lol:

    And now Wolves are above Villa - any comment on that David :huh: :p

  • after watching a heartbreaker between these two teams earlier in the year got to see a great game this time :thumbup:

  • the crazy thing is that Wolves have now beaten Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool & Man City

    but lost to Blackpool, West Ham and Wigan twice.

    thankfully there are plenty other teams as bad.

    I still think Blackpool will go down.

  • wolfy whatever happens to blackpool i gotta say one thing-everytime time i see them play i see a TEAM -that will get u somewhere in any sport

  • The attitude of the Blackpool team and the way Holloway approaches the tactics of the game, is to be applauded. I really hope that Blackpool will manage to stay up this season.

  • Wolves beat Villa AT VILLA :eek: ;) :D :thumbup: Blues lose to Wigan after letting in a goal in the last minute and the Baggies go from 2-0 up with 20 minutes left against Arsenal to hanging on for a 2-2 draw :rolleyes:

    Just 3 points covers the bottom 8 teams now - Wolves could stay up!

  • Hope you had a chance/will get the chance to see the Spurs v Arsenal game that was played last night, Tony ..............terrific stuff :claphands

  • Hi Tony

    Both sides desperately needed to win so it ended 3 -3 !! :eek:
    Arsenal to keep the pressure on Man U at the top of the table & Spurs to keep the pressure on Man City for the very lucrative Champions League place next season

    Arsenal were 3 - 1 up at one stage but Spurs scored just before half time to make it 3-2 & eventually got an equaliser after Arsenal gave away a penalty.

    A great game of attacking football & I hope you can see this link from the BBC describing the game

    Here's a summary of the game's goals.
    [ame='']YouTube - Tottenham vs Arsenal (3-3) HQ/HD All Goals Highlights (20/4/11) Premier League 2011[/ame]

  • thanks ben i read the link and looked at the video- man i hope i can see a replay of that one!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

  • i recorded wolves win at sunderland :D and watched man u win the title - i hope this is not the last time i get to see wolves play :mad:

  • Last day of the Premier League this season & a mighty dogfight to avoid relegation!

    Wolves play Blackburn in a must-win game to ensure survival although other results today can mean both are safe if they draw - too risky!! :eek:

    I'm guessing Glenn has made sure he's got a little free time around 4pm this afternoon :lol: - Come on, Wolves.............!

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