Another BCC album before the Tour??

  • At least they wouldn't have to do any covers! :D

    However it would likely mean that they wouldn't tour until end of 2011 and i'm not sure i can wait that long.


  • I read the news today o boy..............(a day in the life). Great news Ad, fellow Dutch Glenn Hughes fan :thumbup:
    I read it also on The Highway Star this afternoon.
    That's what they call, production and creativity. Glenn and his BCC friends can do very easy what Deep Purple aren't able to do for years: record a bunch of great songs, low studio time (live-feel) and make a superb album.
    Great BCC and come on DP follow Glenn the funkmeister :) :)

  • Hoi Willem,

    Ja, ik ben een Nederlander. Sinds 2008 woon ik in de USA.

    From the Netherlands I saw Glenn perform numerous times, starting out with the free Vlietpop festival in Leidschendam.

    The latest concert I witnessed was on the FUNK-tour in Helmond, which was outstanding. However the best ones were the ones in Zaandam and Zoetermeer.

    Since yesterday I live in in Boston. I expect BCC to at least play the Boston, Orpheum Theatre. When Whitesnake played there a looong time ago a fan went deaf and is sueing ol' Cov for that....

  • Hoi Ad,
    Dank voor je reactie. We'll speak again on the forum. I have seen Glenn also in Zaandam (3x) en Zoetermeer (2x). Different shows, different bands, different setlists, but all great shows :thumbup:

  • According to producer Kevin Shirley (Caveman's Diary) it's a very BIG CHANCE that there will be a second album beforte the 2011 tour. Makes me happy. Great band :thumbup:

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