Phoenix Rising - GT trailer

  • Chip, did i forget to mention i used it for a sail on my boat and it sank? :lol:

    I think Drew Thompson said that the Trapeze video had to have the sound synched to it so i guess that means it was picture only. Will see if i can get confirmation from him.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I just watched the dvd this afternoon. There was a lot I didn't know like the terrible experience in Indonesia. Gave me goose pimples listening to Glenn's description of what was happening there :eek:

    Some headlines from our press at that time:

  • Chip, did i forget to mention i used it for a sail on my boat and it sank? :lol:

    I think Drew Thompson said that the Trapeze video had to have the sound synched to it so i guess that means it was picture only. Will see if i can get confirmation from him.

    Oh boy, you better dive down and get it :D

    I've always heard or read that any known vintage video of Trapeze had no sound.


  • Heidi,
    Some headlines from our press at that time:

    Yvonne, how the fluffing hell do you always get the right informations at the right time? ;)
    Thanks a lot! I just printed out the article about Patsy's death and will show it to my working collegues tomorrow. You know, one of them made me go to BCC's concert here in Berlin which was the rapid start of me becoming a BCC-Glenn-Hughes crazy person now. I told him and another collegue about this nightmare in Jakarta and they both didn't know and were really interested. I also told a bit about all the other stuff on that dvd and I think at least one of them might get the set as well now :)
    Tschööh... you Sherlock Holmes :D

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

  • Yvonne, how the fluffing hell do you always get the right informations at the right time?

    Quite simple, Heidi: Being a lifelong Purple fan and having a not too shabby print archive. I bought every mag I could get my hands on, it was our only source of information, no internet at that time. My meagre pocket money was never enough, that's why I took up jobs after school. So you can say that Purple turned me into a working woman at quite an early age :D
    Nice that you can discuss such subjects with your colleagues. Are they DP a/o Glenn fans too?

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Aaah...I was thinking something in that direction when I saw that handwritten "Pop 4/76" on the first pic. Your archive must be really huge if you collected everything from the 70s until today :eek:

    My collegues just have to stand my enthusiasm for BCC and GH now - every day :p
    I share the office with two guys and fortunately they both love music as well. The younger one with a different taste and the other one with a faible for all kind of traditional rock. He likes BCC and he likes GH but he's not crazy about it and he's more just into rock music, not into Funk & Soul as well like me. He loved to read your article of DP! And I made them both vote for Glenn coming to Berlin on his next tour and I'll spread the word to all the other collegues as well. They all know about my spontaneous trip to London and they think I'm a bit crazy but I've also heard of some that they like me living my dreams instead of wishing and not doing it.'s in the middle of the night again. I'll have some sweet dreams next door now... ;)

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

  • A miracle happened last thursday and I got my Phoenix set. I did buy the US edition, and for all those who have region problems, I assure you it´s region 0!

    To be honest I was expecting a bit more of this. The doc is interesting but seems more like a Glenn HUghes bio rather than a Purple Doc. It´s surprising to see Glenn talking about his drug habits all the time, since he not long ago complained that the CTTB reissue booklet only spoke about that! It IS a real shame, as other reviewers have stated, that Tommy Bolin is actualy barely seen or talked about. Nobody speaks about his origins, technique, what made his playing special and different from Blackers.

    The Trapeze footage is awesome...anybody knows what song is? There is some mark IV 8mm footage (not synched), and my guess it is one of the english dates. The jakarta footage is interesting and a bit raw. There is also small fragments of footage of the band relaxing at the hotel room, studio footage, sundbury thinks when are we going to see all of this films in their entire form!? Today Simon at the DPAS mentioned that some half an hour concert pro shot footage from MAryland in early 76 was left off, and it is not known if this has audio or not. With all these new and rare films popping out from nowhere, it is even more frustrating to know that the most "official" mk IV film from the Tokyo 75 is missing.

    Finally, calling "rare live tracks" some that have come out in now 4 official releases (Last concert in japan, Live in Tokyo 75, Foxbat and the new LOng beach 76) is just ridiculous. INstead we were promised some Springfield tracks. Let´s hope for a complete Springfield or Liverpool release in the future.

    I wish Simon could get more involved in the production of these archive dvds (like copenhagen and Cal Jam) so whe are not left with the ambiguous and mixed feelings that these releases are just OK, but not a masterpiece like the Led Zeppelin dvd.

  • The "PHOENIX RISING" DVD is awesome. Even if this would not be your favourite incarnation of DP, the comments of Glenn and (even more) Jon give this release a really exciting and interesting touch, because it gives you some "insights" and some little anecdotes here and there which were generally unknown to the public before. I watched it twice in a row, because it really was exciting to listen to Jon and his view on things. Contrary to Glenn, he has been in the band before already, so its very interesting to hear his impressions and sentiments, now and back in the day, when things started to change and they DID change dramatically when Gillan and Glover left. I think DP was a bit at a dead end at that time. They needed fresh blood and David and Glenn very much were this new blood indeed. That things turned a bit unlucky later on was sad though. Tommy was doubtlessly a fantastic player and composer in his own rights, who (contrary to Ritchie) composed more "for the song" instead of showing off all the time, as others do. He had a great feel and intonation and his diversity stretched so much wider than the range of Purple could support or even "comprehend". DP was not the ideal vehicle for him, this is clear. But I always loved CTTB for sure.

    Cowards die many times, the valiant never taste the death but once - Caesar

  • :cool: Katy, agree to what you say about "Phoenix Rising" and "CTTB".
    And though i'm a huge Blackmore fan i love the guitarwork from Tommy Bolin. Do you know the Anniversary Edition of CTTB remixed by Kevin Shirley? It's running up and down in my car.
    He did a lil more compression on the vocals, a bit more delay on the guitar here and there, he turned the rythm guitar a lil louder and added some magic to the mix. Also more punch on the drums. You get addicted to it.
    "I need love" is a steamhammer!
    :thumbup: :)

  • Yes, I can understand you completely, Sigurd. Blackmore is Blackmore and it is hard or even impossible to compare someone with him, playing-wise and even more composer-wise. Beside all that, that certain "image" that many people still have in their heads (and the disliking of it), is not even close to how he really is. None of these people who bash on him have met him in person, so its usually 3rd hand information. The real Ritchie Blackmore (even if he may have been a bit wilder in the 70's ...but who was not?) is far from that image. He is a very witty, soft-spoken man who knows what he wants. Far from the "monster" that many think he is. Its just ridiculous, trust me.

    When people compare them, well, to compare Blackmore with Bolin, is like comparing apples with oranges. You just can't do that. Tommy comes from a different musical background, has other preferences and a whole different style of playing, technically and harmonically as well. Same as you can't compare Steve Morse with Blackmore as well.

    Tommy was an amazing player when he felt comfortable and he wrote some really musically beautiful stuff. I always recommend everyone to listen to his solo albums. These are no albums of a guitar hero. These are albums full of beautiful songs, with many interesting bits and pieces here and there and a very soft voice as well. A great musician.

    Although not the best for Purple, as well as Gallagher would not have fit to Purple too (as it was discussed to ask him as well back then).

    Do you know who I always could have imagined in Purple? A real successor for Blackmore?

    Gary Moore!

    Similar to Blackmore in writing style and playing style as well, similar personality, strong personality, exceptional gifted and talented player and composer and surely strong enough to fit in Blackmore's shoes AND to make his own footsteps.

    Unfortunately, this will never happen anymore anyway.

    With Gary we lost one of the very greatest. Greater, than most people do realise.

    Speaking about CTTB, I must say that I am not a fan of the remix by Kevin Shirley. Maybe it is also because I was used to that album for so long (in the way it originally sounds). I always considered CTTB as having a brilliant sound by default already, maybe one or THE best sounding Purple record from back in the day. Strong bass by Glenn (btw, the bass sounds very similar and the drums too on Jon Lord's "PAL", Paice-Ashton & Lord, simply because it was recorded in the same studio, Musicland in Munich, now defunct), amazing drum sound (and probably some of Ian's best drumming at all) and a great guitar sound as well.

    Just like John, I must say that for me there is a bit too much compression. But that is just personal taste, of course.

    However, in my humble opinion I don't see much sense in all this "remixing fashion" anyway, except of a good way to earn some additional revenues (which probably have been lost in the regular sales figures of record companies).
    Why not just leaving something, some piece of art (which music is), just as it is?

    Why not taking it as a document of its time and cherish it in the way it has always been there?

    Would someone come to the idea to rewrite Shakespeare's MacBeth, just to make it "sound more modern"? Certainly not.

    I'm sorry but to me a record from 1973 is what it is: A record from 1973. And not something some freaks have fumbled around with, some 30 years later. As well as you are usually not allowed to change words in a writers transcript, you are not allowed to change "notes" in a musical piece. The "mix" of it, as being part of the final result of a song, is part of that too.

    But this is just my personal view on that. People can agree or disagree. There are 7 billion people and probably 7 billion views on it. And each of them knows best... ;)


    Cowards die many times, the valiant never taste the death but once - Caesar

  • :cool: what you're writing about Blackmore is exactly the same that i think Katy. For me Blackmore is an outstanding person in the whole Rockn' Roll world, a higly sensual and serious artist not accepting musical limits or mediocre work from others and himself.
    He's a kind of knight indeed and like a renaissance artist a seeker for beauty.
    His love for classical stuff or oriental scales and the way he mixes it with blues is breathtaking. I saw him in august in a concert last time and he was so great.
    He knows what he wants, and what he doesn't, that's a reason for some people to talk bad about him i think.
    Like you i'd say the bad stories has been told by people who couldn't witness what they were telling.
    Tommy Bolin had a complete different attitude, but he was able to play very agressive like Blackmore did.
    That was important for Purple, perhaps Gary Moore could have done it also, but i never had this idea before.
    For me Gary Moore was always the great bluesplayer, and i heard he never liked space for improvisations, which always was essential for Purple.
    But we'll never know.

    CTTB is a superb sounding album, yes of course.
    I never get tired of hearing, the musicland studiosound from Birch is perfect.
    It was not necessary to make a new mix of it, but...!!
    It's because of Kevin Shirley did with it, he pointed a new view.
    For me it's only a luxury additive to the original mix, nothing instead of the old one.
    Interesting is to hear first CTTB Shirley mix and than BCC 1 :D


  • One of my teenage collaborators loved come taste the band. To know the tragic end of Tommy Bolin (and Paul Kossoff, and so many others) and then to see the video put it in a different context. That business about falling asleep on his arm and not being able to play just gave me chills.

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