Phoenix Rising - GT trailer

  • Gettin' Tighter - The Story of MKIV, Deep Purple film trailer - due out in early 2011

  • :bow: Thanks for this post ! :bow: Say, David, has anyone nominated you for best informed webmaster on www ? Nooooo ?? Shame !!!

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Willem, I asked DC what he remembers of the trip to Jakarta, that is his reply:


    "I´ve only heard about the footage, to be honest... no doubt I´ll see it soon... tho´ I´m in no rush to re-live the experience... I believe Indonesian tv filmed the unfortunate event... It took place on the 2nd night of the shows... Not something I care to think back on, to be honest... Before the nightmare, we had an incredibly positive time in Jakarta... Unique... but, then... oh, dear... which included the difficulty we had in actually leaving the country... The authorities back then were brutal to us, to say the least... almost not allowing us to leave... "

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Wow, that's very iteresting Lioness. Getting it first had by DC himself.
    David is a very nice guy. I Like him a lot. I also had the change to have a little chat with him on a few occasions. A real gentleman.

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  • Yes, Willem, you're right, he is every inch a gentleman. Also very funny, witty, and honest to his fans. Don't know if you ever read this, but go to his site and read under "Extra- Red Candle Caper". He tells the story how he once set fire to a hotel loo ("I **** thee not"). Looool - I chuckled a lot when I read this! :D
    Greets Yvonne

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • "Phoenix Rising"
    The Untold Story Of The 1975/76 MKIV World Tour

    May 2011



    The long awaited Deep Purple MkIV DVD titled PHOENIX RISING has now been set for release late May 2011 and will come in both DVD and BluRay formats. The discs will feature the RISES OVER JAPAN concert from December 1975 in Full HD and Surround Sound, as well as the highly anticipated documentary "Gettin' Tighter".

    The first DVD to document Deep Purple’s turbulent last year before the band split in 1976. Exclusive new interviews with Glenn Hughes and founder member Jon Lord that open the lid on the problems that beset the band as they toured the world: Death, drugs and devastation, which led to their eventual disbandment. Archive footage from the tour includes interviews with Tommy Bolin, David Coverdale and Ian Paice, while rare and previously unreleased concert footage includes performances of Purple classics ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Highway Star’. Live versions of ‘Love Child’ and ‘You Keep On Moving’ from the MKIV line-up’s one and only album ‘Come Taste The Band’ also feature as part of the previously unreleased film ‘Deep Purple Rises In Japan’ - included in full, within this DVD.

    Other highlights of this extraordinary and powerful documentary includes film from the start of the tour in New Zealand plus the coup de grace; recently discovered, previously unseen footage from the infamous concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia. The darkest point in Purple’s career that saw the band ripped off to the tune of $750,000, but even worse, the tragic death of one of their crewmembers that resulted in some of Purple’s entourage arrested on suspicion of his murder - something no amount of money could have compensated for. A truly unique film that reveals the excesses of life in the mid-seventies in one of the world’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands.

  • Phoenix Rising - Deep Purple MKIV DVD & BluRay includes a Bonus CD.

    The track listing:

    - Burn (Long Beach)
    - Gettin' Tighter (Japan)
    - Love Child (Japan)
    - Smoke On The Water (Japan)
    - Georgia (Japan)
    - Lazy (Long Beach)
    - Homeward Strut (Long Beach)
    - You Keep On Movin' (Japan)
    - Stormbringer (Long Beach)

  • Classic. re-release of old material to charge extra. Really Disgusting...Could have at least released a few tracks from Springfield or Liverpool. This is not the way to treat fans...

  • Thanks anyway David... your posts always bring news to us. Can you tell us more details on the DVD content to tempt us?


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