NEW Glenn Hughes talks Black Country Communion

  • A couple of new Black Country Communion interviews with Glenn have recently been made available...


    “I’ll put this album toe to toe with a Who album or Zeppelin album though that might come across as being arrogant but dammit I’ve sold a lot of records man, I’ve been around for a lot of years and I said to Joe, I said man, you could be my son but I said “Joe, there are a few sure things in life and this is one of them.”


    "I have so much music inside me, and as long as I'm compelled to make music I shall do so..the voice is in great shape, and physically I can still pull it off..I think I'll know when the time has come, but right now, how I feel and write, that day is a long way off..the energy from BCC has really invigorated me. There's plenty left in the tank."


    "The future because the past has gone for me. I'm not one to relive it, not one for nostalgialise. I am one of the artists in rock that pushes the boat out every year. A bit of a chameleon and I like to challenge myself and I've gone back to my roots. I've gone back to the voice of rock kind of thing."
    (scroll half-way down page - also includes some words on BCC from Joe Bonamassa)

  • Indeed, Glenn has a lot of music inside - and he's just turning it outside :cool: He is hotter than ever, voice in great shape.
    Hope you're touring the Continent next year, Glenn, don't forget your fans here ! :bouncer:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • David, so it sounds like you've heard the album from reading one of those interviews. Any first impressions for us very patient fans?? ;)

    Yes, I have now.

    Recently Shirean and I had the chance to hear the new album... although certainly not a thorough review... my first thoughts can be found here :)

  • It looks that Glenn is very happy with Black Country Communion. He sees his future for a great part with this band, because he is already writing for a next album.
    But what about the solo career of Joe Bonamassa. This carreer has become pretty big, the last years. Will he give his career up for BCC. Will he give his time and energy to BCC? Let's hope it and that the band will excist for years on :thumbup:

  • Hi Willem, hi Ad,
    found this on planetrock today:

    Guess that answers a few questions.
    Dag guys ! :bye:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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