Deepest Purple CD and DVD: October 2010.

  • According to The Highway star: Deepest Purple (CD), will get a new release late October 2010, this time with a bonus DVD, featuring video clips presented by Jon Lord.

    I seems that we, Purple fans, are lucky this autumn: Come taste the Band Remaster, Deepest Purple CD and DVD and of course the Gettin'Tighter DVD. Great :thumbup:

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  • Yes, Willem, we Purple fans are very lucky indeed, we get the fat chance to spend a lot of money on our fav band :D
    Aaaand after several years, the German fans can finally greet them here on a long awaited extended tour - yeah !! :bouncer:
    Will you come over to see a show?
    Dag, Yvonne

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I wish you a lot of fun and good, good music at your coming Purple concert. Last year I was in Dortmund (one of the best shows in the last few years). This year I don't go to see them. Next year again, I hope, maybe with some brand new songs from a new studio album?

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  • The coming Deepest Purple CD and DVD has an interesting tracklisting. There are more numbers included than the original LP and CD. Now is also You Keep On Movin' included. Stormbringer and You Keep On Movin seem to have completely new made videoclips. Nice!

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