Rock & Blues Custom Show 2010

  • Great show, really nice to meet Shirl and catch up with Wolfie, Anette, Mike D, Marianne, Rick and others! Pontus (new drummer) was awesome and will please you all, he plays hard and got a drum solo in Gettin Tighter to show off his talent (just couldn't see him due to a monitor blocking him out from where I was stood). Set list was rather Purpley and I will try to remember it but it definitely included (not necessarily in order)

    Sail Away
    Might Just Take Your Life
    Gettin Tighter (inc Drum solo)
    Steppin On
    You Keep On Moving
    Soul Mover

    I'm sure Wolfie will post in accuracy later - I have a feeling I'm missing something....

    Thanks to G and the boys for a brill day once again - I'm really looking forward to the UK tour and to seeing more of the extended Hughes Family again at various gigs!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Great to see you and everybody else again Marie, especially Shirl who looked so healthy and back to her usual bouncy and bubbly self :D

    Glenn and the boys played a storming, high energy set (as usual).

    Great job by the drummer who's bass drum was well up in the mix and really thudded through you. It was only his second show so by September he'll be bang on the money :drummer:

    Soren plays with a different style and sound to Jeff and added something different to both the DP and solo songs :guitarmet

    His guitar was lost in the mix at times which was a shame, whereas Anders was nice and clear in the right places - Might Just Take Your Life for example.

    Glenn's bass was full on in your face and was very much "lead Bass" if you get what i mean. He also had a few problems with his effects pedal not working but it made you appreciate even more just how good a player he is.

    Marie's list of songs looks right but not in the right order - i think Crave was before Mistreated :huh: i havent had time to download and watch any video i shot yet so cant give the definite lineup!

    Soul Mover had an added in crowd interaction section where we had to sing along with Glenn. Really worked and needs to be kept for the solo tour.

    Glenn told the crowd it was the last time these songs would be played for a while so get ready for a solo album heavy uk tour (with some Trapeze thrown in). Soren told me afterwards he really wants to do Loser so hopefully that will make it :D

    Roll on September...... :bouncer: :)

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Paul - that's spooky! Had only just uploaded these to My Space and was about to add this very picture here!! :eek: :lol:

    Paul - you might have my voice on your video recording when YKOM started - me saying 'this is for Grace for her birthday' as it's her absolute favourite. Now mine ... Mistreated ... of course.

    Lovely to be with the GHCPs. Sorry Mikey I thought you were on the photograph with us all.

    Our conversation when we walked away at the end of the show? How good's that drummer???! :drummer: Great, great job Pontus. And wicked show - the old favourites went down a treat with the crowd!

    See you at the Robin in September, boys and girls :rose:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hi All,

    Yep, the Band were smokin' last night.

    Great to see my fellow 'HughesHeads', Shirl, Marie&Martin,Wolfy and especially nice to meet Annette Galley.

    Shirl, I think my big head just managed to make the photo!!

    The Grimsby contingent were out in force (well 5 of us anyway) and thoroughly enjoyed a superb 'classic rock' GH set.

    Roll on September...

    Mikey D

  • Did anyone visit the second stage out by the bike show?
    Terrible Elvis impersonator who won over the crowd with some brave and unusual audience participation. Later, my band of the day, Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs. Not exactly a "power trio" - Acoustic guitar, soapbox bass and a washboard - playing raucous and rude folky stuff. Great fun in the evening sun :clapper:

  • Setlist was as follows:

    Might Just Take Your Life
    Sail Away
    Gettin' Tighter > drum solo > bass solo > Gettin' Tighter
    Steppin' On
    You Keep On Moving
    Soul Mover

    Great gig... great weekend.

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