deep purple new studio album?

  • I am a Deep Purple fan since the early seventies. I like the old albums with Gillan a lot. The studio and live albums with Glenn and DC are different, but maybe these are even better! Great classic albums.

    I like the present line up, with Steve Morse and Don Airey as a live band a lot. Very great musicians. But I,m waiting for a new classic Deep Purple studio album. The last album is more than five years old.

    What do you think: Why does it take so long for making a GOOD new album (comparing to Glenn"s production).

  • they dont make any money from new albums but make a lot from touring, hence world tours every year.

    Purpendicular was a great album and Abandon pretty good but the others were very poor indeed. Morse is a great player but not a great writer. How many riffs has he come up with that match Blackmore? He's breathed new life into old songs but it was Blackmore that came up with all the riffs and melodies and he just aint in the same class.
    The fact he is still playing the same solo spot of Well Dressed Guitar after more than 5 years sums it up!

  • Steve Morse is for sure a very good player and so is Don Airey. But for Deep Purple were Blackmore, Glenn and Coverdale greater writers (listen to what they did after their Purple career).

    But now? There were also some great songs on the last two DP albums, but you can't call these albums real classics. And now for five years no new material from Purple at all (but enough solo stuff by Steve Morse, Ian Gillan and Don Airey). So they have enough writing talent, but they have to put their ideas together, in my opinion.

    And there are rumours about the coming DP fall tour: Some sources say it's their last tour. This is officially denied by the band.

  • Maybe I should have called the above thread "The end of Deep Purple".

    I have vacation, so time enough to search some forums: there a for sure many rumours about the fact that the 2010 tour would be the last.

    Many fans think the band have no more inspiration. I hope they are wrong and that DP will come out with a final Classic album :thumbup:

  • Steve Morse is for sure a very good player and so is Don Airey. But for Deep Purple were Blackmore, Glenn and Coverdale greater writers (listen to what they did after their Purple career).

    totally agree with this ! :thumbup: look my signature ! :D

    for the rumours it's just a thread on the italian forum who spoke about the last tour and many sites had to say the same thing.. you know internet don't you ? :confused:

    I hope a new studio album too... ;)

  • Patrick, I looked at your forum and I see that your a great Mk3 and 4 fan!
    Great, the three studio recordings in that period belong to the best they ever did. Great! But now, come on DP with the new album. They have soon three months off, enough time to record a new album with a real live feel an't not many overdubs and so.

  • Ok guys,
    I would like to leave a few comments here:

    1) DP is not going to have a 3 months vacation, as they are going to play in Poland and the Czech Republic in October, so that leaves little time for recording, unfortunately, because quality takes time.
    2) Steve Morse - we recently had a discussion about him on Fact is, since SM joined the band, the internal battles have stopped. Of course, if you saw Ritchie in the early Purple days - unbelievable, you'll never forget it.
    3) Don Airey is a great keyborder - but he could never replace Jon Lord. I grew up with the Mk 2 line-up, loved him in Whitesnake as well and of course as a solo artist. Did you ever see Gillan with Colin Towns? At that time, I considered him the best keyborder in the rock scene right after Lordy.
    4) Last tour? Well, there have been rumours about that about AC/DC this year as well. I saw them in May for the first time, not because of the rumours, I just became a real fan recently (and cursed myself for not having been to other shows before!) And they made a lot of money with that tour!

    To be honest, if I could choose between a new DP tour and an album - I would opt for the tour. I will never get tired of seeing "Highway Star" and "Black Night" live. So, I guess "The battle rages on"... ;)
    Greets, Yvonne

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I don't think Purple have released a 'Classic' album since 'Perfect Strangers' (Although I rate 'Slaves and Masters higher - but that was really Rainbow!!)
    My opinion is that since Blackmore left (And he'd left in spirit after 'Perfect Strangers') there was no quality control over Ian Gillan, he's always been hit and miss and he needs someone to crack the whip over him. No one in the band since has a big enough personality to keep him under control.
    Don't get me wrong I love Deep Purple (Flaws and all!) but Jon Lord and Ian Paice always seem to just go with the flow and Roger Glover always seemed to be a yes man (With either Blackmore or Gillan) Don Airey and Steve Morse are making a good living off of Purples reputation.
    I dunno if they'll ever record a 'Classic' again, good tunes, sure.

    I know I'm comming off as a hater, I'm not. Purple are a great band, I just have higher standards for them.

  • Nice Ellbery, that you mention Slaves and Masters. That was really a great album. Under rated but great.
    Joe Lynn Turner is a great singer: He is still very good with Over The Rainbow on the live shows.

    Deep Purple is maybe not able to make a Classic album again, but a GOOD rock album is also o.k. (like Abondon or Bananas).

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