A surprise ChiliFootSoulMoving guest was in the house!!!!!!

  • I've had a Chad Smith week! Started out Monday by working out to a bunch of his Glenn Hughes tracks- which I just totally get off on in the gym. Then Friday went to City Walk reported on in the other thread. So then I'm onstage with my Doors tribute at my Doors gig in


    Sunday, and who comes walking out of the bathroom (which I can see behind the stage) but Mr. Smith himself! No way!! And we are just about to start

    Love Street

    , a song I’ve been working hardest at lately, but finally have it down. It’s got some crazy parts, and I have to be on my game every time we play it. I'm getting nervous one of my favorite musicians is here! So we end the song and I tell the singer Chad Smith is here. He loves the Chilis and announces that

    Chad Smith is in the house and to come up and jam.


    ad was already at the back of the stage- from the front of the bar he'd made a beeline to the drumkit so fast I couldn't believe it. Now he's just a few feet from me and I get to play key bass with him and keys. He played RoadHouse Blues and Back Door Man with us...He slams those drums like nobody else! I've seen him play with Glenn many times and met him before so it was great to play with him. He remembered me from Friday, when I shouted out "Tommy Bolin" as he was about to do Stratus from Cobham's Spectrum. It's a small world, man. We played a few bars of Stratus but had to end it to get back on topic. He’s so awesome…we all felt the good vibes from Chad that Glenn has talked about. I’m still not over this experience. Glenn, if you could please pass our thanks on to


    , he is welcome at the Bistro any time we are there every Sunday at 5. Thanks for rocking our world


    John H

    Hoping one of our fans sends us some decent pics...the girl I gave my email so far has not :( This, shot with my own phone is all I have.

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