BCC: the album: different versions to come!

  • On the site of the record company Mascot Records there is an announcement that there will be three different versions of Black Country Communion-Black Country:

    A CD version, A special edition CD with DVD and for the collectors there is also a vinyl edition! I like it a lot that there will be also an vinyl edition: the great artwork will look better on that lp format :thumbup:

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  • I had a quick look on the site of J & R Adventures: the bring a lot of vinyl albums out (old classic albums, but also Joe Bonamassa stuff). I think they will bring the Black Country Communion album also in USA as a vinyl edition. I hope they bring for you guys in USA also the special edition cd, with dvd. J & R look very solid to me, so I think the special edition will come out for sure :thumbup:

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  • J&R is indeed a solid organization. It can only spell good things for Glenn and this band. They have basically got Joe to where he is in his career with little to no help from any major label.
    Of course it wouldn't matter if he was no good, but we know that talent alone isn't enough in this business. It's marketing, promotion, quality products etc.

    I met Roy Weisman the R of J&R and he absolutely lit up when I mentioned BCC. He couldn't hide the excitement. It was the same with Joe. He said something to the effect that it F'n Kills! :)

  • Hey there Willem! how r u brother? hope you're doin' fine :)
    Thnks for the info man! Can't wait for the album to come out!

    "Turn back the Time and let me in"

  • Hi there Vinicius ant other Glenn fans:
    I am enjoying my vacation with my girl Kim and our little funny pet Dobby (Teddy dwarf).
    It's hot in Holland :cool:
    It seems that we, GH fans, will get an nice and rocking musical present by ou Big Daddy the Funkmeister himself, our Glenn. Let's Rock :thumbup:

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  • No idea at the moment, but I would imagine it's the Riverside show, the interviews that are up on their site, plus some backstage footage, perhaps.

    Awaiting patiently just like you :)

    According to HMV.co.uk - the bonus Black Country Communion DVD looks like this :-

    disc 2

    • 1. Interviews [DVD]
    • 2. Photo Gallery [DVD]
    • 3. Producer's Note With Kevin Shirley [DVD]
    • 4. Great Divide, The [video/DVD]
    • 5. Behind The Scenes Studio Footage [DVD]
    • 6. Live In Riverside CA [DVD]


  • :cool1:

  • For those in the USA, just to confirm (as of today)... Amazon.com now have available to pre-order, the CD/DVD limited edition... no sign of the vinyl edition though!

    CD/DVD Limited Edition

    Priced at $13.99

  • I pre-ordered the lp version and the special edition cd with dvd. Exciting!
    Can't hardly wait for the release date!
    I hope it will be a great succes :thumbup:

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  • David, I pre-ordered my 'limited-edition' from Amazon yesterday for $25.99....received an email from Amazon this morning saying they're 'sorry but the item is not yet available'.....went back to the website and saw it's now listed for $13.99!! Just pre-ordered it AGAIN!!!! :huh:

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