• Ïn my opinion not. Mk 3 and Mk 4 were in the seventies very populair. In the US they were bigger than Mk 2. The more soulfull, bluesy and funky sound is more what the American people wanted and still want, in my opinion. In 1974 they were the biggest selling band on the planet. They headlined the California Jam for a crowd of more than 200.000 people.
    Come taste the band was in 1975, maybe a bit under rated in Europe and for sure England, bus now in 2010 many fans and also the press (Classic Rock) see it as one of the best albums ever made by Purple. Glenn's song You keep on moving is one of the best Rock tunes ever :thumbup:

  • Not sure of the air-play across the rest of the country, but in the Peoria classic radio market you'll hear "Smoke on the Water" and "Hush" alot. Wish more MK3 and 4 was played. I guess it's time for an old fashioned tactful phone campaign to the local stations :sint2:

  • Well hopefully, BCC, will change all that, as from all accounts, it should be right up 'classic rock' air-play street :D Hoping so, so tired of the same'ol-same'ol, if you know what I mean :)

    I hope so too David. I'm afraid it won't happen, at least not on Phoenix classic rock stations. Here they just play classic rock songs and not classic rock artists and their new music. The same fifty songs are rotated day after day after day..... Thank goodness for the person that invented satellite radio. I haven't listened to terrestrial radio since. I know I'll be having some BCC beaming down to me from outerspace :thumbup:

  • Chip, Sad to say but ALL Classic Rock radio here is like that....they'll talk about the artists and new product but then they go and play something you've heard a thousand times before......:confused:

  • Very true Chuck.

    Programmers killed FM radio. I remember back in the day when DJs played whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, didn't talk much if at all. That's one reason I have so much vinyl, the dj wouldn't say what album a particular track was from. I had to keep buying until I found it. Google didn't exist when I was a kid ;)

  • I think people like what they know, in the words of Garth "we fear change". in regards classic radio, people listen to it to remind them of the halcyon days, when they were young and skinny, with a full head of hair, it's nostalgia. To alot of people the fact that said artists are making new music is ephemeral.

    I was watching an interview with the drummer of roots ,Quest love, and he spoke at length on getting a track picked up by radio, you grease their palms, or you tour and tour and tour until people take notice.I think artists of a certain vintage don't have the money or the strength to do either

  • Unfortunately a lot of fans tend to forget that their beloved classics were once brand new, unfamiliar songs too. And so they moan when they go see Rush or Iron Maiden or whomever and the band plays a lot of new material. If they don't bother to familiarize themselves with the new material, then of course the new songs will be unfamiliar. Duh.

    And radio? Forget it. They do exactly as Chutsler said. For example: "Pat Travers has a smokin' new album, with some of his best songs in years. Be sure to check it out, and catch him when he's in town later this month...so with that in mind, here's "Boom Boom (Out go the Lights)." So much for the support.

    :huh: :mad: :rolleyes:

  • I don't listen to the radio for many many years and I don"t miss it! But good music remains good music!Of course: the last few years good hardrock music has been made and performed. But in the 21st Century it's more marginal. Times changed: Most stars (djs? and rock stars????) stay for a very short time on top! That's why I like, good old, Classic Rock! I go to concerts a lot: At Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes, ZZ Top (etc) I see a lot of young fans with Purple, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Kiss and Motorhead T-shirts. The old heroes are the new heroes! I like these rock and roll heroes :thumbup:

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