• I gave up on this album over two months ago and put it away till I was in a better frame of mind. Put it on last night and I now am onboard with BCC. I like every song now except for #10 and 12, and I think Sister Jane, when I get this on my Ipod I'm going to move it up to the middle of the order. I really enjoyed this last night. I love Joe's soloing and guitar sound, Jason's drumming finally gets an outlet we can hear it , lately he's just been a live drummer playing other people's songs. I think the next album will be even better. And of course Glenn's vocals and bass playing are the star attraction as always! I now give it a thumbs up. While Joe, Glenn and Jason all have outstanding moments on this, Derek Sherinian doesn't seem to add anything special- other than that cool middle eastern string part- that counts. I know he's a great talent and can do it. I have one of his solo albums als. I'm just waiting for that moment that makes me go- wow no wonder he was in Dream Theatre! Everybody else here does it every song. Maybe the band should have had two star guitarists instead of one?


  • :clapper: :bow: :bouncer:

    today i want to try to explain what makes the Black Country Communion debut album for me so outstanding.

    Sure i read a lot of rezensions in magazines, very positive, sometimes euphoric. One thing was often told: a superb vintage rock album, 70ties- Hardrock at its best, and a new rock-classic hymn: Song Of Yesterday!

    I heard the album a lot also in my car, as well as in my livingroom and one thing appears quickly te fat sound of a real band playing. The music is breathing again like Burn,Stormbringer, CTTB...

    But the vocals now are even better. The sound is better, even Glenns voice is more powerful than in the 70ties. And in that time Glenn was brillant, like we all know.

    One thing is not like in the 70ties! the spirit of the songs is different. The colourchanging of Glenns singing is so complex. This was not in vintage- rock times, i think.

    It is brandnew rockmusic with vintage sounding instruments.

    "One Last Soul" is a real Highway Star Hammer.
    "Sista Jane" sounds a little bit like the Stones for me.
    "Song of yesterday" is a fantastic rockhymn, perhaps one of the really vintage sounding numbers.
    My personal favourite is "The Great Divide" .

    And i always hear new details and colours, and you can hear that this musicians really play together and not against one another!

    That is a lot of good music on one album!

  • That was a great review!

    Played the cd at our super bowl party and the response was nothing short of spectacular!!!

    This was a bunch of old school rockers and I just put it on and it was like "what is this? it's great!!" Nobody could believe it was new. That was in a positive way too! They didn't think that anyone was making music of this quality anymore.

    Of course my close friend's know all about Glenn and all things GH. They also know good stuff when they hear it. It was those who don't know that makes it all so worthwhile. It is a mission of mine to spread the word far and wide. They are catching on a little at a time but make no mistake they are.

    Glenn, keep up the good work brother!! Great music doesn't go unnoticed. I'll die trying my friend!!!

  • John, i guess you are a MESSENGER :P ;)

    You know Wolfy, I guess you are right!! Well put my friend!!

    But Glenn is THE messenger!!!

    I'm just trying like hell to spread the joy. This guy deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. He deserves all the good that comes his way.

    Hey, we really have to hang out again Wolfy! Been a while now.

  • :cool:
    when i hear ,what kind of high quality music this is from BCC, and when i see also that Glenn and Joe talking so humble about their great work, it makes me speechless.
    I am grateful to live in this time and may enjoy this band.

    I was talking to my neighbour last days , who was living in England a few years, and she said that in Wales a lot of people are so musically.
    Oh yeah, i guess she's absolutely right because of Glenn Hughes.

    today in french-german television there was a movie about Glenns namecousin Glenn Gould, the great kanadian pianist. I know very well i am on a real rock n'roll forum but there were some faszinating parallels between these different musicians. Both are diving absolutly deep into the music, and the rythm side of Glenn Goulds piano playing is also strong, yes you can say funky, of course. And seeing him talking and explaining his work was not so far away from the interviews from Glenn Hughes sometimes.

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