• I am still waiting for my cd/t-shirt to come!! I ordered it from BCC's site and many have received them already so hopefully today............

    I will post a review after a few proper spins.

  • Been waiting patiently for mine. Ordered from BCC a while ago. Just looking forward to this CD.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Here another review... this time from our very own, Keith Thompson, over at UK site, "Get Ready To ROCK!"...


    Overall, this album has exceeded my expectations and I am particularly pleased for Glenn Hughes who will gain many more friends and fans after one or two false starts on the big time comeback trail. So I'd like to see this album provide a platform for a world tour. It's no less than what Glenn Hughes deserves. Let's see if this supergroup can buck the historical trends and build on this undoubted triumph.…y_communion.htm

  • Still waiting for it here!! Seems that everyone has it now. Just got an e-mail from a friend telling me how good it is. Where is mine :huh:

    Today maybe??

  • They must have something against us East Coast listeners. Not in the mail last night and I sure hope it comes today before I am out for a week.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • They must have something against us East Coast listeners. Not in the mail last night and I sure hope it comes today before I am out for a week.

    The real kicker Frank is that if you ordered it from their site/J&R Adventures, it is being shipped from Florida!

  • WOW - a 9 out of 10 review... 'gotta love it :cool1:


    Quite honestly, I could fill many pages; detailing thoughts, feelings and ultimately praise for Black Country Communion, because they are trendsetters and truly outstanding. I am highly impressed by this release and with every listen, I find something special within it.…itled-Album.php

  • Sweet, but brief 4-star review in the UK's "News of the World", Sunday edition... an "Album of the Week" too :cool1:


    Black Country Communion - Black Country ****

    Heavy metal supergroup with guitarist Joe Bonamassa and Led Zep drummer John Bonham's son Jason. It's all good dirty fun with with feisty vocals from Deep Purple's Glenn Hughes.…f-the-week.html

  • All these reviews makes me feel sad - cos I can;t listen to it myself yet! i've just had confirmation form Amazon it's been shipped and I'm so excited I could pee!!!! Hope it arrives to morrow as I will be away from Wednesday for a while on the solo tour, heaven forbid I haven't heard the album by the time that starts!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • The reviews are outstanding!!

    It really really is a great album. I've yet to absorb it all. It most definitely reveals new subtleties with each listen. It's remarkable that it was recorded so quickly. I am thinking that this is the secret to it's greatness. You look back to that era of British hard rock and many of those classic albums were done that way. They didn't spend months or even years laboring over every single note. It was from the heart, spontaneous.

    I am going to do a review of my own soon. I can say now though that this is one of the great ones.

    And Glenn, your performance here is nothing short of spectacular!! You have much to be proud of with this one. I'm very happy for you!! :claphands

  • Ok so here is my review!!

    After many months of build up and hype the debut album by the new rock “Super Group” Black Country Communion is finally here. We’ve all by now surely heard the story of how the band came to be so I won’t tell it again for the hundredth or so time.

    Those who are already fans of the artists involved pretty much figured it would be good at the very least if not great. But would it be one of those special albums that don’t come along very often? Would they deliver the goods or come up a little short? Now all the speculation is over and quite simply put, this album kills!! From the opening Glenn Hughes bass line of “Black Country” to the heavy closing riffs of “To Late for the Sun” it takes the listener on a musical journey over many sonic peaks and valleys.

    This is the real deal here. It is pure hard rock magic circa 1970’s. At the same time it’s new and fresh. All of the elements are there. The sound is a live one and there is a certain rawness to it that just takes you back in time to that special place. The playing is brilliant throughout. When it needs to rock, the hard driving riffs are in abundance. When it shifts to lighter textures the atmospheric dynamics and nuances are at times startling.

    Joe Bonamassa is so good on this album! He captures the vibe completely. His monster riffs and swirling solos are the reason young lads take up guitar playing in the first place. Glenn Hughes’ bass playing is so huge, in front and heavy at times you just can’t help but smile from ear to ear, his lighter subtleties having a similar effect as well. Jason Bonham delivers an absolutely masterful performance on the drums. This is not a case of plug in the guy with the famous name even though he’s lacking the real skills required. No, this guy is a Bonham to be sure! The first listen through I was floored by his drumming. I never ever thought I’d hear THAT drumming again in my life without putting on old Zeppelin records. This guy is the real thing and he proves it here beyond a shadow of a doubt. Derek Sherinian adds nice depth and flavor to the sound. He even does a couple old school Hammond solos.

    The vocals are handled mostly by Glenn Hughes and for good reason! He didn’t get the title “The Voice of Rock” for nothing. His performance here is nothing short of spectacular! His power and range are something to behold while his soulful emotional feel cannot be described in mere words. This may well be the performance of a lifetime. Bonamassa sings lead on two of the tracks and sounds great. He is well known for his amazing guitar playing but I think very underrated for his singing. He and Hughes trade vocals on two songs and they blend together flawlessly.

    Put all of this together and you still need great memorable songs for it to truly be in the same class as the great albums. Well no worries here! The song writing throughout is outstanding. There is the barn storming opener “Black Country” followed by groove laden infectious chorus of “One Last Soul” which has single written all over it. Next up is the majestic “The Great Divide” with vocals that will send chills through you. Rockers like “Down Again”, “Beggarman” and “No Time” have a sort vintage Purplesque sound and feel to them. One of the big highlights is the Bonamassa written “Song of Yesterday”. It is an eight minute plus epic that has many mood changes and a long guitar solo much like the songs of yesterday. Joe sings lead here with Hughes providing harmony as well as few lead parts of his own and the results are incredible. Another track with great build up and emotion is “Stand (At the Burning Tree)” . “Sista Jane” is very AC/DC like with Hughes and Bonamassa trading vocals. The album ends with the eleven plus minute “Too Late for the Sun”. Here again the singing is shared and it evolves into a long jam where all of them get to shine, particularly Bonham with his signature skin bashing.

    To sum it up, this album is a stunning statement by a monster band. Lets hope that they keep working together and that we get more music of this quality. This is a masterpiece pure and simple. These guys should all be very proud.

  • Put my order in over a month ago and still don't have it :huh:

    Well it might take a while to get to the cold north country here in Canada?

    I have been telling my friends who don't know who any of these guys are (but I've been a GH fan forever) how great this band is going to be.

    I hope they have a huge impact!

  • Wow it must be good. My buddy was listening to it on satellite radio and said he liked it. Unfortunately he turned anti Glenn after I played too many GH cds on our 2000 trip to Monterey Historic Races. Can I get it at Best Buy this week?


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