• looking forward to the album, hope it lives up to the hype.

    Although One Last Soul is a beautifully played and sung i'm not 'into' the song itself.....Yet!

    Beggarman sounds like it is going to be the track closest to his solo recordings so looking forward to checking that out.

    I do hope for Glenn that this is the 'breakout' album that his talent and performances deserve.


  • looking forward to the album, hope it lives up to the hype.

    Paul, hi, went to my long-time record shop today to pre-order the vinyl edition. The guy asked "Huuh, BCC... who's that". When I told him new band of Glenn Hughes, he became very excited. When I told him go to BCC website on Monday to download "One last soul" he was even more excited :D Will do anything to promote this band here, because Glenn deserves it! The other musicians, too, of course! Can't wait to see Jason Bonham live, saw his Dad once - Led Zep is unforgettable :claphands. And yes, sometimes you have to listen to a song a couple of times before you really get 'into' it. Viewed One last soul on youtube several times - loooove it now! Greets! ;)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Another BCC pre-review to wet your appetite :D


    Hold on to your hats, this is just the kind of kick-butt rock release you've been waiting for. Certainly no one-off band, BCC backs up their credentials by serving up some well-seasoned, certified grade A bluesy rock.…union-cd-review

  • there is also a review on -


    "Yes you say, but is it any good? You bet it is. I blasted through the whole album and can't wait to do so again. It's a little ragged round the edges, but has a powerful rock spirit which straddles the seventies through to today and just keeps you glued to the speakers. Indeed it's a shame they could not have issued the vinyl on Vertigo, because to me it is a real descendant of those slightly obscure but often exciting acts which the spiral label use to specialise in. The tracks are often lengthy, one or two reviewers have actually complained (!), but the band get into such a groove they've done right not to fade and cut. Dare I mention Mk 3? BCC certainly has echoes of 1974 about it, but in a good way. If Deep Purple themselves had issued this as the follow up to Stormbringer there would have been few grumbles."

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Here's the review from the most recent issue of Fireworks magazine (no. 41) out of the UK... by long time Fan Forum member, James Gaden.


  • Another A rated review :cool:


    There is not a weak song on the disc. In this day and age when most rock releases get pushed under the table by the corporate music business, one can only hope that people are smart enough to realize that this is a masterpiece. Don’t miss out on the musically religious experience that is Black Country Communion.

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