• Thanks Tony for the review :thumbup:

    Reading that there is an eleven minute epic on the album makes the wait for the release even more nerve racking. Any album Glenn does should be required to have one long epic jam on it.


  • What a fantastic review, I have felty very positive about this project right from the start, this just builds on that feeling that BCC are going to be huge!!! :)

  • Glenn's career has many highlights: It seems that the coming album will be one of the biggest. I hope it will get a lot of promotion by a big tour:thumbup:

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • Another early preview review... yum :D


    The album is jam packed with quality rock songs and arrangements that collectively showcases each musician. The commitment and intent the band have brought to proceedings is evident from the off.

    Read it all here:

  • very tempting, but I have decided not to read it until the album is being released! ;)

    Me too! Waiting on the edge of my seat to get this album :bouncer:

    lots of great :singer: :guitarist :drummer: :keys: 'n :guitarmet for sure! :bow:

    "Turn back the Time and let me in"

  • There's going to be a really good vibe with this album - 'I can feel it in mi bones' as we say in the north. Seriously - I think this going to be a big one.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Yes, its an interesting review and well worth a read as it's well constructed with a song by song approach. Again the " scream" comes into question!!! It also mention s that Glenn is also talking about album no 2 already, guess the pre orders numbers are very good.

    Just cannot wait to here the whole album :) have pre orderded mine via HMV.

  • even the so called 'filler' track is compared to 'Misty Mountain Hop' with 'Kashmir' like strings - must be a s**t hot 'filler' track!!!!

    Cannot wait for this to hit my CD player AND turntable!!

    Roll on September...

    mikey D

  • i wonder what these reviewers think of Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and one of the original 'screamers' Ian Gillan? Probably thinks Child in Time is **** because Ian screams on it! Let's face it, whatever Glenn does some Deep Purple fans won't appreciate him in any shape or form.


  • i wonder what these reviewers think of Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and one of the original 'screamers' Ian Gillan? Probably thinks Child in Time is **** because Ian screams on it! Let's face it, whatever Glenn does some Deep Purple fans won't appreciate him in any shape or form.


    My thoughts exactly Paul... seems they're happy with their lot... each to their own and all that I guess... meantime, I'll take the fast track, hope to see you all aboard :P

  • Well, this is one DP fan who does appreciate what Glenn has done. Burn and Stormbringer are among my favs albums of DP :heart: whereas Slaves & Masters with JL Turner :eek:

    David, why the fast track... afraid you'll get your ears boxed ? :D

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Well, you know… it's gonna' be a boat load of petuli, 'smoke' and of course… tons of success for Black Country Communion!

    Brace yourselves... I do believe this is going to be huge!

    Of course I'm bias, but quite simply put... Glenn Hughes is perfection on this outing; lovers of 'the voice of rock' are gonna' be lovin' this one!! Aside from the voice (!), his bass work is out of this world - he plays like you've never heard him play before. You will simply be blown away! I'll be surprised if you think otherwise. Jason Bonham really stands out… possibly his finest hour. I hope he has some sense of that. Although I think Joe Bonamassa could of stretched out a little more, rock guitar wise, irregardless, he is still outstanding and has definitely now climbed out of his blues shell. I'm coming into this as a 'rock' fan, so perhaps thats why I'm thinkin' that! The vocal duets are perfect… Glenn and Joe are a good match indeed, so no worries on that score. "Song Of Yesterday" really is a standout song and Derek Sherinian really fills things out perfectly, I especially love what he's done on "Too Late For The Sun".

    I never thought I'd hear nods to so many on one record!! Free, Bad Co., The Who, Stones, Cream, Led Zep, Clapton, Trower, early Floyd and Journey, even AC/DC (!), AND Soundgarden for good measure!

    So far… "The Great Divide", "Song Of Yesterday" and "Too Late For The Sun" are my favorite tracks, but also loving' "Beggarman" - can't wait to see some hips shakin' to that one! Along with those, "Sista Jane" is also a must play live track, me thinks, if for no other reason than to see Glenn and Joe trade the mic live!

    "Medusa", is given a modern twist, while being faithful to the original. Wonderful stuff. Definitely no filler here!

    I could easily run down my thoughts on each song, but will save that for another time. Glenn has said this is a traditional British rock record, but he sells him self short… it's so much more. The first half of the album I think sounds more 'original' than the latter half.. but that's not a ding… just that the songs sound more unique to the band, such as "No Time", "Down Again", "The Great Divide", "Black Country" and "One Last Soul" (so much better to hear that one as it should be, rather than the YouTube videos) and "Stand" (although towards end of album, not strictly the beginning)!

    I love what they've done throughout... what with the sudden, start stop, fills, quick change harmonies etc... it really gives things a modern twist, all without losing the 'vintage' vibe. So although they'll no doubt get labeled under 'classic rock' what with the references to other great bands - there's so much more in play here than simply a tried and true formula. It's a true mix of originality and a tip of the hat to days gone by.

    So I've gotta' tell you… I do believe "this is the one"… if this goes the way of "Fused", I think we should all throw the towel in! That would make no sense at all to me!! Anyway, Shirean and I were grinnin' ear to ear… chucklin' to ourselves… as each song went by… we can feel it in our bones… oh... and I love the length of each track... they deserve the full 5 or 11 minutes etc... any shorter and you would feel robbed. One piece of advice when playing it for the first time or two... turn UP the volume!! You don't want to miss a thing!

    Kudos to Kevin Shirley, he really brought out the best of each band member, especially with the time constraints that were in play!

    So that's my 2 cents for now! Hopefully this will tide you over… only a little more than a month to go now!

    Look out for a "One Last Soul" free download offer soon from the BCC website!

  • No fair - we all want to hear it too!!!!! I like the sound of the hip shaking one - if you've ever been stood anywhere near me at a gig you know thats my bag!! Pre - ordered mine on Amazon and it's due for delivery on 22nd Sept I think - so I'll be counting down the days when September comes around for sure! Glad you and Shirean really enjoyed it and have that feeling in your bones xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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