• ive been picking out the ones i think might be good and recording them :)

  • what can you say about England last night :mad: :confused: :(

    Absolutely terrible. Dont know whats gone wrong :huh:

    Thats the worst game i've seen Rooney play - for England, Man Utd or Everton.
    We couldnt string more than 2 passes together.

    The manager must take his share of the blame.
    Wright-Phillips shouldn't be out there, never mind coming on as a sub twice :confused: Heskey couldnt hit a barn door :sint3:

    At least the players know that the next game is win or bust. We actually tend to play better in games like that - certainly cant play worse.

    I would leave Rooney, Heskey and Lampard out and pick Cole, Crouch and Defoe for this one.

    As for talk of the ball, its clear that its light. Almost every single team seems to be overhitting it. How many decent free kicks and corners have we seen so far?

    Best thing about last night was my wife's homemade Lasagne :) :lol: :heart: and a couple of cold ones :cheers:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Needed more than 'a couple of cold ones' after that England performance,Wolfy :lol:

    Yet to get too excited by any of the so-called super power teams but did enjoy the Slovenia/USA game & yes,IMO,the USA were robbed of a winner.
    The 'hiding' goalkeeper was hilarious.Let's hope he does that against England too ;)

    Brazil v Ivory Coast looks to be the pick of today's games so expect a nine goal thriller from Slovakia v Paraguay


    Ben !!

  • i notice Platini is keeping quiet! the French self-destructed :eek:

    Well done USA :thumbup: though if it wasnt for Green you'd be out :p !

    England played the high tempo game that suits them. it was like a Premiership match.
    Rooney still doesnt look 100% but at least Defoe started. I knew he would score.

    But we should have got another 2. thats our problem, we cant make our dominance count. Why put Cole on for Rooney? :( i would have brought on Crouch and finished them off.

    So, now we will lose to Germany as usual :rolleyes: - probably on penalties :yes:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • i see i picked the right time to find this game :) gonna watch england now-like a premier match?-thats what ive been waiting to see myself

  • i notice Platini is keeping quiet! the French self-destructed :eek:

    well.. Platini doesn't want to interfere in this problem.. he's the UEFA's président also.. but I think he will give his opinion in few days.. the tsunami is not finish in France.. Thierry Henri will see French president today ! :eek:

  • How's the New Zealand All Whites drawing 1 -1 with Slovakia 1-1 Italy 0 -0 Paraguay! only the second time to play at the world cup, not bad for a rugby playing nation of 4 million people and less than two dozen professional footballers. Talk about boxing above your weight! We didn't make the final 16 but an outstanding effort! :claphands

  • just saw england robbed of a goal too-evev i know it was a goal :eek:

  • ... and an offside goal for Argentina just now :huh: :confused: - talkin'bout ref decisions. This world cup seems to be getting more scandals than goals...



  • England were absolutely awful!

    Blame the manager if you want, i think his selections, tactics and substitutions were bizarre in the extreme. However, if Engllish players are as good as we are lead to believe, then their performance should have been a hell of a lot better yesterday!


  • i dont know why people thought England had a chance of winning.
    look at our performances over the last 30 years.

    our last decent performance was 20 years ago when the line up was

    1] Peter SHILTON
    [3] Stuart PEARCE
    [5] Des WALKER
    [6] Terry BUTCHER
    [8] Chris WADDLE
    [9] Peter BEARDSLEY
    [10] Gary LINEKER
    [12] Paul PARKER
    [14] Mark WRIGHT
    [17] David PLATT
    [19] Paul GASCOIGNE

    Now there was some real world class talent in Gazza, Lineker, Beardsley, Platt and Shilton. And Des Walker had real pace - not like Terry or Upson.

    as for the idiots saying we need an English manager to generate passion etc - didnt they say sack Taylor, Hoddle, Keegan, McClaren and even Bobby Robson?

    We dont need passion. we need tactics and discipline.

    they didnt complain he was Italian during qualification when they lost just 1 game.
    and they didnt say change the system then either.

    Yes he made mistakes like Heskey on for Defoe when Crouch hasnt even kicked a ball.
    that is just plain stupid. Rooney should have gone off. you cant wait 4 games for him to spark into life.
    Carragher, King and Barry shouldnt have been in the squad.

    But he cant be blamed for Lampard's "goal" or the complete lack of discipline by our players having 9 in the German box for another pathetic free-kick which then led to a breakaway goal.
    Losing Ferdinand was unlucky but he hadnt been fit most of the season anyway.

    Remember, this is the same bunch of players who didn't qualify for the 2008 European Championships, just 4 years older. So Capello did well to get a bunch of failures to the World Cup Finals!

    Harry Rednapp would be no better.

    The FA is so incompetent it changed Capello's contract to remove a clause where they could sack him on the cheap just 2 weeks before the tournament began. Now he will get a £12,000,000 payoff!

    they should back him and hope he has he guts to drop non-performers for our Euro qualifying games.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • wow :eek: -is diego forlan as good as i think he is?-i already know about wesley sneijder :eek:

  • wow :eek: -is diego forlan as good as i think he is?-i already know about wesley sneijder :eek:

    Has had a complete change around in 'fortunes' since he's been playing club football in Spain.Had a torrid time with Manchester Utd but now looks a different player!

    Congratulations to Holland............a deserved victory I think (but why do they still allow Robin Van Persie take the free kicks? He doesn't even look bothered when the ball sails into row z!).
    Brazil looked,well,just like Brazil only in small doses & some of their play harked back to the Argentina world cup 1978 when the physical play overshadowed the brilliance - must be something to do with wearing blue shirts


    Ben !!

  • thanks ben im trying to learn -i didnt know about him playing in the uk

  • thanks ben im trying to learn -i didnt know about him playing in the uk

    You're welcome ,Tony ...........not many people noticed :lol:
    He effectively 'replaced' Fernando Torres at Atletico Madrid after El Nino's transfer to Liverpool :bow:

    It took him eight months and 27 games to score that first goal, to the extent that he was dubbed "Diego Forlorn" (courtesy:Wikipedia)

    I don't feel quite so bad at England's departure having just witnessed the Argentinians torn apart late on by Germany :eek:


    Ben !!

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