Has Glenn made you?

  • Cry? I was at the gym tonight working out tonight and had on Let it Go...Frackk....He got me.... I've read about runners crying before because of the release of emotion and energy does them in....and I've experienced this before. But that voice and that song...just happened to hit me. I'm feeling emotional the past week with the loss of dio. The other day it was Soldier of Fortune. Dio songs and listening to Rainbow don't seem to make me cry, it's just alot of everything else.

  • Good one, John - and my answer is 'yes' - more than once, actually!
    It's good for the soul.
    And it may even catch you when you're not necessarily sad or something. Catches you on the wrong foot, as we say.
    I have even found out, that it almost works every time with certain songs or pieces of music - e.g. I can't help it and cry every time I get to listen to Mozart's Ave Verum Sacrum. It's just such a beautiful (and sad) piece of music. My aunt or instance has a week spot for the classic Ave Maria (here's a Glenn connection, though I haven't played Glenn's version to her yet). Put on any version, from the cheesiest elevator music take up to Luciano Pavarotti's, and she'll cry, instantly. And leave the room. Her name is Maria, btw.

    As for Has Glenn ever made you?, there is one special moment I'd like to mention:
    I vividly remember my first GH show, HTP on September 17, 2002. I have probably told this story numerous times and mentioned it here in the forum aswell (Search is your friend: search for postings containing the word vinegar), so I'll cut it short. JLT leaves the stage. Glenn anncounces a Black Sabbath song and a keyboard intro starts - Seventh Star. Glenn is standing about 2,5 meters behind the microphone right in front of the drum riser and performs two of his trademark screams right into the intro. he was probably only warming the voice up, but I remembers my eyes were watering instantly and I couldn't help it and cried silently. That was one of those moments when you know that magic is in the air.
    Thanks to a fellow forum member, I do have a recording of this show...


    P.S. Recommended watching: Hachiko, starring Richard Gere (now out on DVD). You'll have a hard time not to cry.



  • When I watch the footage of the show I played with Glenn, I must say the vocal imrov section during "You Keep On Moving" has brought a tear to my eye. I'm not sure if it's the emotion the memory conjures up or just the shear beauty of what he sings...... either way, he blew me and everyone else away that night with a truly stunning performance. You can check it out here on my facebook page, as I haven't posted any of the footage on youtube. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id…24881940&ref=mf

  • Gatman, You're sooo lucky man! I bet you had a blast playing with the Man! :)
    my answer is also yes, not long ago to be honest.
    a couple of days after Ronnie Dio's death, I was listening to "this time around" and when Glenn sung "to lose you, I'd rather see the endless time and space go passing by" it was really moving. I miss Ronnie :(

    "Turn back the Time and let me in"

  • Yes, many times, I have stood in the crowd and faded away while the whole room disappeared - it's a truly brilliant experience when that happens, I remember also seeing Flloyd do Comfortably numb in Holland and someone tried tapping me on the shoulder and talking to me but I was lost in it!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Marie, Comfortably Numb has a very special place in my heart. Seen GH perform many times and been completely 'lost in the zone' as you say.

    Not sure why now (too long ago) but I didn't play Blue Jade very much in the past. GH performed this song in Cambridge a few years ago and I had a massive lump in my throat. How come I hadn't 'heard' it when I'd played it from the album before then? Your state of mind and mood can determine if you actually 'hear' a great song - play it years later and it gives you goose bumps. Mistreated, Blue Jade, I Don't Wanna Live ..., Written All Over Your Face and Valiant Denial knock me out.

    If I hadn't heard 'Burn' :bow: and 'Come Taste The Band' :bow: then I don't think I'd have followed that funky, bluesy, rocky, sassy vocal for so many years ...

    .... and that white suit on Cal Jam! :lol:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Ha ha yes that white suit on Cal Jam is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

    I have to say the Addiction album is so raw for me that yes that indeed has made me sob my heart out depending on where my head had been at when I've listened to it. I don't listen to it often despite it being one of my fave's but there are certain times it comes out and is on repeat and this should be a really big clue to all my friends that something is upsetting me in life!

    It's only when you are in a place you identify with it that you really actually hear a song sometimes as opposed to it being something you listen to, disect the riffs and production etc before deciding it's an awesome song and having a good old groove to it. I like both sides of the music but I lvoe it when something really gets you in your heart with some songs!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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