hi to the glenn fans out there

  • I am for al long time a guest on this forum. just as a reader. this is the first time I write something on it. I've been a Purple and Hughes fan (and Rainbow and Sabbath etc.) for a long time. I have seen Glenn, together with my mate Theo several times. The last time in Germany, also with my girlfriend Kim, we have seen a superb unplugged show.
    I hope Glenn soon will come again to Holland. The dutch fans are waiting. Keep on rocking Glenn.
    And also: God bless you Ronnie James Dio, RIP, dear friend!


  • Hi friends out there. If it is in Brazil or US or England or Holland Let's rock. We are waiting and looking foreward to a lot of Glenn Hughes music!
    cheers :)

    I mean: Let's get a GLOBAL Glenn Hughes treatment!

  • Hello Willem,

    not only the Dutchies are waiting for Glenn... ;) Guess we are ALL keen on seeing him live again - with BCC. By the by, where did you see him unplugged in Germany?

    Dag, Yvonne from Hamburg

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Hi Yvonne,
    Welcome on the site. Of course we like to see Glenn again in Europe. So far I know about one show in October in Belgium in Verviers (not officially confirmed).

    The unplugged show was in Domicil Jazz Club in Dortmund (there are some foto's on this site). A great show, different, but very good :thumbup:

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