R.I.P. Ronnie

  • Sad, sad news.

    How did a man of such small stature, have such a HUGE voice?!

    You will be missed, but not forgotten, as your music will live on forever.


  • So sad and so quick from diagnosis! The music world has truly lost a great artist. I send my prayers to Wendy and Ronnie's family and pray he is no longer in any pain. Words can not go deep enough.

  • I'm completely shattered...A hero of mine since the 80s. I met him once at a record store signing at the Music Plus in Glendora in 84 and went to the concert at Irvine Meadows the night after. It was at that show or one with Craig Goldy, a couple of years later, that the PA mains blew up...Ronnie's voice could still be heard above loud as hell above the band through the onstage monitors. I'll never forget that! Un****ing believable! When we met us fans, he made us feel like we were the most important people in the world. He's not only one of my favorite vocalists, but I loved his intelligence when he spoke, one of the great rock speakers, like Ray Manzarek and Gene Simmons. That comes from his education and itelligence and I recognized and loved that even as a kid. A buddy invited me to the Greek Theatre last August in LA, where I saw Dio with Heaven and Hell for the second time, from about 10 rows back. The guy was 67 and he looked like he was in his early forties. He sounded amazing too. He had all of his powers in place and the magic and charisma that made him unique. Yes, the voice clearly wasn't in 1984 anymore, but he could still sing with amazing range and power. I just can't believe that was the last time, 9 months ago. My coworker Armando Vega, singer of the Metal tribute band Metal 101, counts Dio as one of his heroes and I know he is shattered too. He got to sing Neon Nights with Queensryche a couple of years ago and we always talk about Dio. It's kind of a running joke at work..me imitating him saying in his high voice "Yeah Man, Dio." I just walked by his desk a couple of days ago saying that. Rest in peace Ronnie- Yeah Man, Dio.


  • I am crushed, I cannot believe this news. I've spent as much time as I could today, listening to Rainbow and Black Sabbath. The world will never be the same without you Ronnie, but the great gift you have given us, we will cherish until we join you on the other side.

    Rest in Peace mate!


  • Tough to hear and so difficult to understand. We lose so many of the great one's before their time is truly complete. A little man with a big heart and big talent, Ronnie was a rarity in today's world where he was an accessible celebrity and really enjoyed his fans.
    We will all miss you, but the memories live on forever.
    Thanks for giving us all those memories !!

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I'm speechless... One of the Greatests... gone...:(
    My heart goes out to Wendy and Family.
    RIP Ronnie, may your Magikal Legacy live on forever.

  • I have been last saterday 5th June to a Dutch Ronnie James Dio memorial in Tilburg, Holland. Several Dutch musicians and singers did great Dio songs from the Rainbow period and Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell and Dio time. And the last number was his big number one hit in the Netherlands Love is All! There was also a great video-show with nice (and some very emotional) pictures of Ronnie.
    A great tribute to the little man with the big voice!
    A part of the money goes to the Stand Up And Shout cancer fund.
    Long live Dio! :thumbup:

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