Acoustic duo performing 'Right back down' by Automatic man

  • Here's a clip of my wife and myself playing the classic song from the first 'automatic man' album called 'right back down'. I always loved this album and it hold up extremely well today. The good old days when albums were meant to be taken 'whole' and had no filler. What's also interesting is how many of Thrall's riffs from this album ended up on the 'hughes/thrall' album years later, such as the opening of 'Hold out your life' which was originally the opening riff for 'automatic man'.

    I'm playing a mix of the guitar and bass parts here on a Parker limited edition (18 of 25) Autumn burl mojo. I love this guitar! No effects added to guitar or vocals. We'll probably cover 'Here am I now' off 'visitors' next. We will be playing these songs live at gigs, and you can bet they don't come any more obscure than this!

    [ame='']YouTube- Right back down - Robin and Susanne - Acoustic duo[/ame]

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