What's going on here?!?!

  • I just read this from Kevin Shirley:


    Black Country looks to have imploded, with a completed album in the can! We set out as friends and lovers of music, to make something special. Then the managers got involved... and kept changing their wants, ultimately demanding EVERYTHING! I can't absolve all the musicians - but one I can completely absolve, is the one who actually has a career and has just been voted Best Guitarist in the World - who was 100% open ALL the way. And he doesn't ride on anyone's coattails... Maybe they'll come to their senses.... I'm not holding my breath.

    So - what gives? I guess these recent tweets from GH tell the same tale in a somewhat ambiguous way:

    • We, as humans, are driven by fear..the seven deadly sins are what we have to face..GREED...this is the one that will send people insane..GH 12:09 PM Apr 20th via OpenBeak
    • Goodnite my puppies..once again, its all about the music...MY MUSIC... 9:25 PM Apr 19th via OpenBeak
    • Sometimes things aren't what they seem!?*+±..GH 6:25 PM Apr 18th via OpenBeak

    David, Anyone?

    Regards, PJ

  • this is being discussed elsewhere so a mod can delete the thread if they'd like!

    In the meantime - this just in from Caveman!!


    OK - I have been urged to amend this - like everything on the internet, things get twisted! I believe there is a salvage operation to rescue survivors from the downed BC plane. I have just had a big conversation with Glenn, who is mortified about the situation, as he has really put his heart and soul into it. I love Glenn. Here's the salvage plan ... See moreguys - everyone is equal. It's that easy. Cut out the cancer that is anyone greedy, and this thing will rock. Morality rules..... managers try to. I am mad too!!!


  • As we know now things have changed for the better. Glenn is doing an European promotion tour for Black Country Communion at the moment and USA is next. The album is coming out in september and a tour for 2011 is in the works. Let's rock!

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