Play Me Out re-ish on Purple Records

  • When I brought my CD's out of storage and was sorting through them, a minor panic ensued when I couldn't find my RPM Records copy of "Play Me Out" wasn't in with all my other GH CD's...I had already lost my VINYL version of "Hughes Thrall" when my brother took all his vinyl to a used record shop and some of my vinyl got caught up in the move.

    A bit more digging and..*whew* I found it! And this was after trying to find it on Amazon and all they had were sellers wanting 100 bucks for another copy! But back to "Play Me Out"

    When I lived in San Antonio back in the 80's I wasn't even aware of its existance until I was digging through the racks of a record shop (long gone!) near the house. I can still see the cover....reading the credits and thinking; "I never knew Glenn had released this album..." aside from Deep Purple, all I knew about Glenn at the time was Hughes Thrall and the short lived Black Sabbath experience. I didn't buy it at the time...but filed it away in the trusty mental Rolodex and eventually found the 2-fer release with "4 On The Floor" around 1992 at Ray Reed Records in Lynbrook NY (RIP!).

    Being a fan of 70's black music this was right up my alley;just a fantastic record! I remember being knocked out by "Destiny" and this was long before I read the story behind the song. I dug the horns on "Soulution" and the stone funk of "LA Cutoff" and "Space High"...Around 1995, I snapped up the RPM version with the extra tracks at Slipped Disc Records in Valley Stream (gone after 26 there a theme here, or what?).

    I love it. You need it. Go get it :thumbup: :cool:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • You can now pre-order the re-issue via FYE...…catId459580VVviewprod.htm

    1. I Got It Covered
    2. Space High
    3. It's About Time
    4. LA Cut Off
    5. Well
    6. Soulution
    7. Your Love Is Like a Fire
    8. Destiny
    9. I Found a Woman
    10. Smile [Unissued Single]
    11. Getting Near to You [Bonus Track]
    12. Fools Condition [Bonus Track]
    13. Take Me with You [Bonus Track]
    14. She Knows [Bonus Track]

  • this takes me back.... I bought the original vinyl, '77 I think, and the CD with the bonus tracks as well. (Can't remember when I got that though, possibly '02? it must be an age thing) I remember being impressed with the guitar synth as described in the liner notes.

    It still gets played regularly :)

  • My copy of Play Me Out arrived from today!! Yippee!!! I haven't slipped it into my cd player tray yet but I took a 'gander' at the booklet....OUTSTANDING!!!! :clapper:

  • Third time's a can never have too many copies of a GH album. That way, if you encounter a potential convert, you can part with a copy without leaving a gap in your collection... :lol:

  • Be warned Todd, it's a DIGIPAK :D I stumbled upon it when I browsed the Rock/Pop section of a local electronic store today...

    Sticking to my RPM Records copy which Glenn generously signed last year at the Robin :)

    Good to see you again, Todd, it's been a while! How have you been?


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