Glenn's Autobiography

  • :cool: Preordered my german edition book of "Glenn Hughes Die Autobiografie"!
    The english original was good to read by the way, i did 3 times.


  • Really enjoyed the book. Commend Glenn highly for emerging from the STORM of monumental proportions that he went through, and coming clean, revealing a lot of unsavory material about himself. That isn't easy. Was a little disappointed about the whole "hooking up with Tommy's long-time sweetheart" chapter. I would have thought there'd be some regret there. And after reading Tommy's book it was clear Tommy wasn't over her completely. I wasn't there so it's hard to know how to think about it, but don't you stay away from your best friend's girl? Maybe Karen seduced Glenn to get back at Tommy for him cheating on her, who knows? BUt Glenn ultimately went along with it. I hate playing the moralist, just felt Glenn may have brushed over that topic a bit too quickly. A very painful subject for Glenn no doubt, considering what befell Tommy not that long after. Maybe there was truth to what Glenn said about Tommy giving him his blessing, asking just that he treat Karen well. I just can't get out of my mind the image of Tommy, just hours before he died, calling Karen to ask her to marry him, and she telling Tommy she's going to marry Glenn, and then Tommy just putting the phone down, not even hanging it up, laying there in stunned silence. Tommy's accountable for his own actions - though of course there very well may have been foul play that night originating with Barry Fey, it's just hard for me to endure anything that caused Tommy pain, and I wish Glenn had expressed some misgiving for taking up with his best friend's girl, if that was called for. Not having been there I don't really know. But as a rule.....ya know? But I really should shut up: I' m no one to judge. A youthful indiscretion, and I think psychically Glenn paid, big-time, over the years. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Am I way off base?

  • Tommy broke up with Karen in March of '76... Karen and I started dating in Sept.

    Tommy and I were always friends till the end, he was in contact with us both, via postcards only : there was never a phone call from Tommy to Karen about a marriage proposal.

    Karen was, and still is a great girl, we both adored Tommy who we both miss to the core.

    There is a lot of speculation out there, and remember its none of my business what people write or say about me. My side of the Street is clean, I have no secrets.

  • Glenn - thank you so much for coming on and clearing that up. I really feel for you with the whole subject of Tommy. No doubt it's been very hard for you. I can tell from pictures of the time that you guys were great friends.

    Who am I to judge? No one. I wasn't there; I didn't and don't know the circumstances - but thanks for providing them here. The evidently erroneous material in Tommy's book was misleading, and just got me to thinking. I believe you that Tommy had moved on from Karen and that he gave you his blessing. The way I see it - it's probably better to have someone you know and love with your ex than some stranger. I'm sorry that the Tommy book is giving people some false information.

    I really am a huge fan of yours - have all your recordings, starting back with when I first heard the song "Burn" - your part really stood out to me. I then got all the Trapeze albums, and everything from then to now. I've driven hundreds of miles several times to see you play, so I really appreciate all the great art you have given to the world. I apologize for anything untrue, thus hurtful I may have said in my last post.

  • Following the great success of the paperback edition of the Autobiography which was licensed by Foruli to Jawbone, Foruli have licensed the rights in Germany to Iron Pages.

    The German language edition is to be published on May 11th, 2012.

    Here is an image of the back cover, spine and front cover.

    The German edition was delayed but today my order finally arrived. Hooray! :bouncer:
    I'm dead curious to read the German version now after I read the original. Here's a snapshot of the contents:


  • "... lovely people in Germany, you know I love you, hope to see you soon ..."

    the man says and is going on another tour in Russia in the fall (as he already announced).

    Sigh... :rolleyes: :mad: :(

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Yes, that's a real good review in, I like the following statement a lot:

    "With Black Country Communion he seems to have climbed the peak once more and other feats are supposed to follow this."

    Seeing the teaser for the German edition of the biography I would also think that you go and see the ones you love... :cool:

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