Glenn's Autobiography

  • Ironically, I'm in the middle of reading:
    The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story
    of History's Most Desired Baseball Card

    (A baseball player at the beginning of the 20th century,
    Honus Wagner appeared on a small piece of cardboard which
    was inserted into cigarette packs, as part of a series of players.
    Through the years, this rare card has skyrocked in price.)

    Think of going to a garage sale/jumble sale, and picking up
    one of the twelve or so "missing" Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs
    for a dollar. Or finding a Picasso at a Goodwill Industries store.


    When 15 year-old kids, worldwide, walk into a music shop to buy
    a guitar and a "How to Play the Guitar for Beginners" instructional
    booklet, right next to it on the sheet-music rack should be a very
    inexpensive copy of Glenn's book, which might proove in the long run
    to be more valuable to them.

    Hey kid, you wanna be a world famous rock star?
    Then you really should know the high price that fame might demand.
    Sometimes....fame will kill you. Ask Elvis.

    ........."When alternative editions are ready?"............
    Sorry. But I can't quite "buy" into this prospect at this time.
    This line has been used too many times already in other circumstances.
    (Replace the word "edition" with the word "tour".)

    This book's debut should have been acompanied by a blast
    of industrial strength publicity. Not this quiet, almost secret publishing date
    from this justifiably expensive and elegant publisher, with this information known
    to only a few of us because of this web site. And Glenn can still walk from his
    front door to the nearby TV studio to appear on Jay Leno's show for a brief
    conversation about the book, followed by a spectacular GH mini-performance.
    But at these prices, he would be laughed out of the building.

    Also, forget about this book's debut at a Barnes & Noble, or at a Borders
    book signing tour, with normal, everyday fans lined up to meet Glenn.
    I feel like such a fool for actually thinking that I could enjoy seeing this type
    of book debut happen.

    The DELUX DELUX Edition will only be bought by speculators.
    Ten copies each? Yeah, a good investment for future turnover sales.
    The medium DELUX version? A hundred copies ought to do it.
    The fans from Day 1? See the "alternative edition" statement. (above)

    I'm usually known around here for busting chops.
    (A warped sense of humor with a snappy New York attitude.)
    But when I'm serious.......I'm 100% dead serious. And honest.
    I'm heart-broken and upset about this situation with the autobiography.
    And very angry.


  • I hope a more affordable version of the book soon becomes available. Like everyone else I'm not happy about this at all. Glenn's been very badly advised.

  • Hey everyone - I just want to reiterate - what was ready to be announced was news of these special limited edition's of the book - any other editions are not ready to be announced - simple as that. When they are; they will be :)

    I can't make it any clearer than that!

    So no need for the negativity; when the time is right re other editions, you and the rest of the world, will be the first to hear about it :thumbup:

  • the thing to remember is that this deluxe version isnt out till "summer 2010". That could be 6 months which means 6 months to put in place a more reasonable hardback "standard" book.

    I wouldnt mind paying a bit extra to get a book with a cd version of the vinyl album (hint hint!)

  • It's been interesting to read all the comments regarding the pricing level of the first editions of Glenn's book.

    The market for collectable rock and roll related books has really taken off in the last few years, with many such items being resold at auction for much more than than the cover price. Glenn isn't the first artist to be accused of being "badly advised" in choosing an exclusive limited print run, nor will he be the last - but the decision is his - the economics obviously make sense. (And having your life story presented in such extravagant packaging must be a boost!!).

    For people who can afford the $$$'s then i'm sure this is will be a cherished item - and for those who can't - well we'll just have to wait a little bit longer!

    But while we wait let's get off Glenn's back - everyone here is a fan, and i've read opinions here about what style he should and shouldn't sing, where he should tour, who he should work with, even what he should wear - but it's Glenns career - and he'll always do what he feels is right for him!


    PS - Alfa Romeo announced a 500 edition limited run of this beauty a few years ago
    I'll never be able to afford an 8c - but i still love Alfa's!! :)

  • Its all business, £55k grand will be raised from the sale of the 100 deluxe versions alone. profit will be probably be £30K at aleast, this will probably pay for the general release publication costs The publisher wants to cover his bet in other words.

    In this day and age its no surprise that the publisher is cautious about the actual volume he will sell against his speculative outlay. The 100 will go like hot cakes and those who are looking for a normal hardback will get it but not until the 100 have been sold and the money in the publishers bank. I went to order one and they want the money now !!

    We must remember its the music business, do not forget the business. Glenn is a busines man as much as a musician, I respect and understand that. His albums, gigs and books are his products, we are the customers. Its just that in this business we are also known as fans.

    I have no doubt a £20 version will be available at somepoint. We pay our money and takes our choice. The fact that there is a book at all is great news we just have to wait until its finantially viable to put out to the mass market.Lets hope the 500 copies of both available versions sell quickly that way we all get what we want.

    With the new "supergroup" most likley touring Europe and North America next year it promises to be something very sepicial in the GH story I am sure. This time next year the book will be £4.99 in a book store near you in paperback version. Its just a matter of time!

  • This book's debut should have been acompanied by a blast
    of industrial strength publicity. Not this quiet, almost secret publishing date
    from this justifiably expensive and elegant publisher, with this information known
    to only a few of us because of this web site.

    I have emailed the publisher to clarify this and they said that they do have a lot of publicity lined up but they did not want Glenn's fans to be upset that they did not get the first chance to order, so they slipped it out quietly knowing that we would be the first to hear about it. They also told me that it has been selling steadily since yesterday. They were very helpful but would not confirm if a cheap edition is in the works. They were adamant that the recording would only be with these flashy editions though. So no chance of a CD with a cheap edition then!

  • I think a lot of this uproar, at least my grumblings :) would have been avoided if there was an announcement of a definite plan to have a regular edition of the book after these special editions were gone.

    When I read the post announcing the pre-order, I got stuck on the words "when and if we hear more publication details, such as a regular edition.....". All I could think about was, hey, sounds like these 500 are all that are going to be available. That thought was kick in the stomach for me. Nothing in the announcement leads one to believe that there will be more to follow.

    So, here are my questions.... then I'll go away :)....Is there positively a plan in place to release a regular priced edtion of this book, or is it just being thought about and that's why no one can commit to a comment?

    Sounds like there is plan from David's latest post.

    David I apologize for the headache you're probably getting with these comments and questions, but you have to know were doing it out of love for our boy Glenn...and you. :heart: :lips: :heart: ...... :thumbup:

  • I am sure in time there will be more details like a picture of the book and details of whats on the record and where the gigs are. At that stage I may purchase one if there are any left. The deluxe version will sell quickly.

  • 550 POUNDS for ANY book is pretty much out of hand. I have signed first editions of books from some pretty well known authors (Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Barry Eisler) and spent less than $30.00 on them.

    Love ya Glenn, but unless I am getting some Italian adtifacts or illuminated drwings in the package I may have to pass on that one.

    Is there a price for the "regular" edition yet ? And will there be a printing for mass media of the book also ?

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Just as a matter of feedback, I am also financially unable to spend that kind of money on a book- no matter how much I would like/love to have one. I'm curious if anyone on here thinks they are going to buy one. Obviously, that would only be if you were comfortable enough w/ saying so. Admittingly, I don't know how these things work. Maybe these companies do this kind of 1st release so all of the rich, celebrity-type people can all buy one to show support for their fellow rich, celebrity-type friends. I can't help but wonder how many of those will be thrown on a shelf somewhere and never even read while Glenn's hard-core fans just keep wondering what he said . Please understand that I say this with all due respect, but is this not in a way a thump of the nose (I wasn't pickin' it..) to the common, hard- core fans who have always been there, but are more concerned right now with keeping our jobs and paying our electricity bills than trying to figure out how to squeeze an extra few hundred dollars for a book into our budgets. It would be a treat to be able to spend somewhere in between 20 and up to 50 dollars even to be able to read about Glenn's amazing story that many of us are so interested in. But unfortunantly for me and I believe many of us here, a book at that price is nothing more that a tease.

  • £550 is an incredible amount of money for a book. But I just had to have it. So I've bought one. Anyone here that knows me will know that I am a true fan and not a speculator looking to make money out of this. This will be an item I will treasure forever. Roll on Summer 2010!


  • Purplemusic, an extra few hundred dollars?! You're talking about a book that will cost OVER $800.00!!!! I don't foresee one of these 'limited editions' sitting in my bookcase! :eek:

  • Here's a couple of quotes taken from the Forward from Lars Ulrich (Metallica) included in the book...


    "Deep Purple has played a huge role in my life. I saw Purple twice with Glenn Hughes. When I saw Glenn up on stage in that white satin suit, with that Fender Precision bass, and the ****in’ mane of hair, he looked like a rock god! He had that aura. I was just ‘Oh my God... this guy is so cool!’"

    "At that point, pretty much anything Purple did was godlike... Glenn had become a major, major player in what was going on."

    "I first met Glenn in 1996 when Metallica were playing at the NEC in Birmingham... It was really cool to have him and Tony (Iommi) there at the same time. It was exciting. I got my picture taken with them!"

  • Decisions!! decisions!!
    To pay the rent & car payment or buy the book? :confused:
    If I can talk the wife into living in our car then it's a go! :thumbup:
    With all kidding aside. I too, am upset about the price
    and number of books printed but have faith that Glenn won't
    leave all his fans twisting in the wind! I am sure that sometime
    next year a more affordable version will be made available :)
    In the mean time I am looking forward to the new rock project :cool:
    Galleyfan :)

  • I don't see why everybody is geting so bent out of shape about this. It seems really clear that something special is being done with Glenn's autobiography rather than just some run-of-the-mill paperback. I for one applaud the respect he is being given. It seems from David's comments that a cheap version is also in the works, but they just are not telling anybody about it yet. Everybody wins! Collectors who want something special get what they want and people who just want to read Glenn's story will get what they want. I read on a blog today that Kiss are charging £950 just for people to come to a meet-and-greet! Kinda puts things in perspective doncha think?

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