Glenn's Autobiography

  • Hi All.

    Have found some online retailers have got Glenn's autobiography availabe to pre-order. The usual suspects and Have placed my order. Funny that they know how many pages when it is not yet finished. Reckon 250 pages or so!! Doesn't seem many to me. Could probably write that many pages about his time with DP :D


  • Nothing new to a lot of us, but for some, these tales might be of interest and get you ready for what might be in the book later this year :)

  • Here are a couple of Rolling Stone articles that pertain to Paul's post above.

    The first is from Issue 1000 - May 18, 2006. It's a re-print of an article about Bowie from 1976 by Cameron Crowe. The part about Glenn starts at the very bottom of the second column.

    The second is from Issue 851 - Oct. 12, 2000. Just a portion of an article about Cameron Crowe where he talks about the same situation in the Bowie article.

  • Thanks for the post...since I'm new to the site, I've haven't read these before. Glenn's autobiography should be quite a story, indeed!

  • I'm new here too and hadn't read most of that stuff, so I've just spent an interesting ten minutes.

    I was going to say that maybe the autobiography was going to be short because Glenn had forgotten a lot of it - but I see that he says that because he didn't do a lot of weed his memory's ok!

    Anyway, really looking forward to it when it comes out.

    Be interesting to compare Glenn's impressions of Blackmore with those of Dio when his book comes out too.

  • David,
    I certainly hope that Glenn realizes that: "Search is his friend, too." :hi5:

    If Glenn wants to put more recent photographs from his solo career
    in a center-of-the-book-insert, all he has to do is go through the GH Photo Gallery,
    located --> HERE. There are an awful lot of professional quality photos, taken by the fans.

    Oh yeah, like some fan would object to GH using their photographs in the autobiography,
    of Glenn during or after a performance. Yeah, right.



  • As you may have seen in Glenn's recent tweets; his autobiography will be published soon (2010) and will come in a couple of different flavours :cool: the first being a "Limited Edition". It's being published by Foruli Limited, who are based out of the UK.

    You can find out more about them, using the links below and also see examples of their work, so you have an idea of what to expect.…oks/94484528642

    More soon...

  • Reading the long-awaited Glenn Hughes autobiography ~
    Titled ~ "Here It Is.......... because this is the only way
    to stop the constant nagging by the GH Crazy People"
    while at the same time, listening to our favorite GH songs.

    Our brains are gonna' fall out.
    But we'll all die happy. :lol:



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