UK Tour 2010 dates officially confirmed

  • Iconic vocalist and bass guitarist, Glenn Hughes, known to millions of hard rock fans as the undisputed “Voice of Rock” will embark on a 15-date UK tour in September.

    Formerly the lead singer and bassist of Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, and the forthcoming hotly tipped rock supergroup Black Country Communion, Hughes blistering near-on two hour live extravaganza will consist of an unforgettable career retrospective.


    I’m proud of my heritage, and the UK fans have always been the most supportive and receptive to me and my music,” says Hughes. “I’m thrilled to embark on what’s possibly the most extensive UK solo tour of my career. I’ve just made an album that I am extremely proud of with Black Country Communion, and until that band goes out on the road, I’m channeling all the power and energy from the BCC experience, into these dates. I’m a lean, mean rock machine.

    A complete set list has not been determined as yet but fans can expect a diverse selection of classic songs from Trapeze, Deep Purple, Hughes Thrall and Glenn's solo albums, with an emphasis on performing some new, interesting selections, including some that have rarely/never been played live before.

    Glenn Hughes will get his tour underway in Manchester on September 23rd and will roll through venues in Glasgow, Gateshead, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Falmouth, Exeter, Cardiff, London, Reading, Leamington Spa and Bristol before concluding the UK tour in Southampton on October 13th.

  • David

    Any idea what time he'll be due on stage at the Nottingham show. Have my tickets but a parenting issue has come up that means i may need to miss it unless he is on stage later to give me time to get there :(


  • Any idea what time he'll be due on stage at the Nottingham show.

    It's coordinated with the venue, so you should be able to contact them to get a more firm time (on the day), as all I could tell you is between 8-9... closer to 8 :) So give 'em a call and they should be able to help you out...

  • Hi Paul - we will be at Nottingham but travelling form Wolves so can't assist travel wise - are you unable to make Holmfirth or Manchester as an alternative if Notts is a struggle? Having said that I'm travelling from Bristol to Manchester so won't be able to travel with you.

  • Unfortunately i cant make Nottingham now due to another commitment :( although bizarrely i'll be working in Nottingham on the day of the Robin show :eek: :confused:

    Will definitely be at the The Robin, Exeter and Leamington though :bouncer: :thumbup: :D

  • Sorry folks, contrary to my original plans I can't make any of the UK shows this year due to work commitments :(
    So best of fun to all you lucky GHCPs attending!
    Another day then...
    Rock'n Roll! :guitarmet


  • Oh No!

    I have booked flights from UK and 2 nights in hotel for myself and Penny........:mad:

    Now I know how Nat & Jerome felt when they went to Detroit!!

    Only 2 tix for the secret BCC gig could get me over this disappointment ;)

    Love, Faith & Soul
    Mikey D

  • reports that the Belfast show has been cancelled ???

    Yeah, i just saw that!

    But until David posts any news it aint official. It's still listed on the front page.

    When the Irish dates were added i emailed but they still havent added Dublin to their list! :confused: :( :huh:

    And they've only just added Bristol.

  • Wow, lots of infomraiton tot ake in there, Sorry we won't se you at Notts Wolfi but we will defo see you at Bilston. Chirs real shame you won't make it over to join us! Mike and Penny - thats gutting if Belfast is cancelled for you - me and Martin have booked for Dublin too so is that one going ahead? We shall sit and wait any official news!

  • reports that the Belfast show has been cancelled ???

    The Belfast, Northern Ireland gig is ON and is NOT cancelled and never has been.

    Despite what you read elsewhere; no other outlet has any inside information. Unless you see something posted on this site; all other Glenn Hughes related news or updates are false, so please remember this in future, thanks ;)

  • Hello,

    Anyone going to attend the Nottingham show on Sep 29th? I will be arriving in London that day around 17:30 hrs and was wondering if there would be a way to make it to that show.


  • Hi Fedor, depending where you are arriving to and how, there is train from London St Pnacras at 17.59 arriving into Nottingham at 20.09 which would get you to the gig just about on time give or take a song or 2 Not sure if that any use for you or not. I will be at the nottingham gig so if you make it I will see you there!

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