Purple/Sabbath era "new" old Interview

  • Be sure and head over to UltimateGuitar.com where you can read an old but "new" interview with Glenn from around late 1995, where he talks about his time wth Purple and more specifically, Black Sabbath, and hangin' with those guys throughout the years... conducted by Steve Rosen, it should tide you over until his book arrives later this year :D


  • Excellent read - I am so looking forward to the book - G has so many fantastic tales to tell and lessons learnt!

    The reference to Ritchie saying "Glenn? Glenn who?" in that interview was indeed in Oslo - I know - 'cos I was the fan who asked Ritchie if he was coming to see Glenn later on. I'd booked Glenn's show at Elm Street Rock club - a few blocks away from Purple's show earlier the same night. (this was Nov '93 - both Glenn's and Purples sets were excellent btw and are available at a bootleg store near you!!).

    When Ritchie walked into the bar at the hotel a few hours before Purple's show he dragged the then Miss Night with him - i believe on a leash...!! Gillan and Glover were in the same bar playing pool, Ritchie vanished pretty sharpish when he saw them...

    Gillan and Glover promised to come and see Glenn - in the end Paice and Glover turned up - my hopes of getting them (especially Paicey) on stage with GH were dashed by the intimacy (being polite!) of the venue - which was absolutely filled to the rafters. In retrospect the venue was not really suitable for Glenn (appalling acoustics, way too hot and too small for the number of people who wanted to see him) - but the show was his first ever appearance in Norway and served it's purpose in creating a good buzz and is fondly remembered!!


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