The God of Voice - Best of Glenn Hughes

  • Has anybody got the album The God of Voice - Best of Glenn Hughes (1998)? I didn't manage to find any information for it. Which songs does it contain? Can anyone upload album cover or post link to it?


  • Here 'ya go... it was indeed issued in 1998...

    Pickin' Up The Pieces
    Why Don't You Stay
    Into The Void
    From Now On

    ...from the album "From Now On..." (1994)

    The Liar
    This Time Around
    You Keep On Moving

    ...from the album "Burnin' Japan Live" (1994)

    Talkin' To Messiah
    Save Me Tonight

    ...from the album "Feel" (1995)

    Talk About It
    I Don't Want To Live That Way Again

    ...taken from the album "Addiction" (1996)

    Coast To Coast
    recorded LIVE at Echo House Studio, Tokyo, Japan (1995)
    ...taken from the Japanese issued EP, "Talk About It" (1997)

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