Black Rock Hits the UK album charts

  • Great to see JB's album has entered the UK album charts at #14 !!!
    This is the main album chart.

    Well done Joe, a fantastic album and well deserved success here in the UK :claphands

  • It is indeed a great album! It grooves from start to finish.

    It took me a few more spins than his last one but the quality is right there. Just a different flavor this time.

    Anyone who likes blues/blues based rock should get this one for sure!

  • Have to say Joe has got it all going on business wise as well, as I understand it he part owns the records company and the management is also "in house" so all this from an independant organisation very impressive.

    What ever the new banads name is going to be I hope they are to follow the same route. I have a feeling the new band is going to be a huge commercial succes as well, huge respect for Joe and his organisation around him. Glenn has chosen well !!!

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