• damm all you englishmen and europeans talking about soccer :mad: :mad: just joking :p i went from just happening to see a wolves match on tv to watching english premier league games and some serie a matches every damm weekend -i know its gonna take a long time to really learn the game but i think im starting to see while the world loves it-you gotta be strong to run up and down the field constantly for 45 minutes at a time-also these guys are flying into each other full speed with no pads or anything on -you gotta be a man to do that - do these guys even wear a cup?-from what ive seen so far i like to watch jimmy bullard play -what do you guys think?- remember im just learning so be cool

  • My team Sheff United (Champinship) lost today but to S****horpe who took the three points to rise above our Local Rival Sheffield Wednesday in the table so not complaining too much as it means Wednesday are closer to relagation! Mwahahahaha!!!!

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