'new band' at the Riverside

  • Have been reading some reviews over on the JB site regarding last nights appearance at the Riverside.

    Seems JB fans are not so keen on Glenn's singing particuarly the screems and falsetto style, many felt its over used ! and it puts them off.
    Have to say its a regular comment I get when trying to convert people to listen to Glenn,

    Any thoughts,

  • Well, each to their own, right :) It's ok, as a band, I think folks who are not up for Glenn's style, will still walk away happy. But keep in mind, this was their first public performance together, so it's very early days indeed.

    The 2 songs they played together were:

    One Last Soul (new song)
    Mistreated (Deep Purple)

    I'm sure future shows, will be less about the old, but very much the new; with just one exception perhaps, that being the Trapeze classic, 'Medusa'. I'm sure 'Mistreated' was for the Glenn/Purple fans in the crowd, afterall, it's not often the USA gets treated to The Voice Of Rock :D

    Oh and here's one other pic of Kevin Shirley (producer) with GH... this time, last night in Riverside...


  • Hey, all is good with me, just thought it was an interesting point!
    There will be plenty that love this band including me cannot wait to here this stuff :)

  • I can't wait either!!

    I was over at JB's board too. I just read some things that caused me to post something.

    Sometimes you just have to say something!! :)

  • on glenns latest twiter he writes that his fans should be behind his new band -i know i am :thumbup:

  • I thought I'd come on over and see your reactions. I was there and thought it was way cool. Joe had a lot of huevos throwing that encore at a room of, for the most part, Blues fans. Being an old headbanger kind of guy, Mistreated warmed my heart. Sherinian's fill swells with the Leslie were brilliant. Jason was working a strange kit. Too early to say and the band needs stage time to click but for a first effort, A+++ in my book. For those who wish to bait the other guys, ease off please. Joe's run to rock is rockin the blues boat. It'll take time for some to adjust.

  • Great vids...Ok i think that 2songs was SUPER :bow:
    And Bonham what a drummer :claphands
    Cant wait too see these boys...

  • Oh! What a great song is "One Last Soul"! :clapper:
    I love the Fused album, but I can't wait to change my avatar... :bouncer:


  • Sounds good, GUTS and GROOVE!!!

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • After a second listen, the new song just keeps gettin' better. I think it might be one of those rare ones that let's you in almost instantly and manages to overcome the destiny of many "instant favorites": getting boring after a while. Time will tell, but it certainly sounds and feels like it at the moment.

    Jason sounds wonderful on the drums and Joe has found a mighty fine rock crunch for his axe. Derek is unfortunately barely audible to my ears. And Glenn's vocal in OLS is just fantastic. It makes me feel like the first time I listened to Soul Mover. I love his singing on that song and album, it's just definitely "Glenn" and "rock", just like it is here.

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • to me that kicked ass -see all you doubters -joe is this joe is that-once again glenn is gonna pull it off and bring others to a higher level with him
    :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

  • One Last Soul really sounds as we (could) have wished it to, and that's great! Not too bad for a first live performance as a band either! ;) :D

    Besides the crunchy riff I praticularly like the phrasing in the vocals, variying from the more soulful verse to the powerful chorus. Well, it's Glenn after all, isn't it :thumbup: And the trademark screams of course. Not everybody's cup of tea those I understand (oh, I've had numerous complaints when playing Burning Japan Live in the car :D), but I still enjoy them and look forward to each of them.

    Now looking forward to hearing the finished product.



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