'new band' at the Riverside

  • I can't believe I've only just watched these video's - what kind of a Glenn Hughes fan am I? Outrageous behaviour on my part!!!! Any how - I'm glad I've finally watched these and my reaction - WOW!!!! One Last Soul - Love the hammond sound backing the whole thing up - the pounding drum beat - the meaty guitar orchestration in the versus - and the driving chorus - OMG - sex in a bowl! No wait - I didn't even get to the vocals or bass yet - Sex in a bowl - sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, golden syrup, and 5 times in a row!!!! As a taster of what is to come I am very excited by this - and as for Mistreated - performed brilliantly!!!! This band is going to be massive and I really can't understand anybody not finding this their cup of tea as seems to be the case (it depends what you are looking for from a funk guru and a blues guru intertwining and it is each to their own) but WOW!!!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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