OT: Joe Bonamassa's Black Rock

  • Hi,
    got Joe Bonamassa's new CD Black Rock today. What can I say? Black Rock is blues album, but it is not Mistreated kinda blues - you know blues with the balls, fire and brimstone!

    To me this album's music sounds already dated... well, some might say thay it is timeless then...:)
    There's nothing wrong with Kevin Shirley's production.

    Well whatever... I'm sure someone likes this new Bonamassa a lot.

    T :)

  • Blues covers such a wide spectrum these days not unlike Jazz. Joe plays his take of the blues which often crosses into blues based rock. I happen to love his music and his refreshing approach to it. I hear Page, Frampton, Peter Green, Clapton all in the mix that is JB.

    I also find as with all good albums it takes a few listens to really appriciate the work on show. Its good to see someone young carrying the banner of blues based rock for all of us who love this type of music.

    I beleve the combination of Glenn and Joe will be dynamite.

    I have ordered my copy of Black Rock and hopefully this year will be able to order the Black Country debut album.

  • I agree, be it blues, rock, bluesy hard rock or whatever, JB is a very talented guy. I´ve got 4 of his older albums and they´re all very good. I´m gonna get the new one at some point too.

  • Just back from the Joe Bonamassa gig at Magna in Rotherham and I have to say it was a lot less bluesey than I expected. He played awesomely and pretty much changed guitars on every song! His vocals impressed me more than I expected them too as well being a GH purist and all that! Great show and the venue gave a brilliant sound too! Thanks to Paul J for being DES tonight!

  • Des? Never been called Des before!

    What can i say about the show? Well, Joe's playing was great, the quality of the songs? Not my favourite genre but when they were more rock than blues such as Blue and Evil and Ballad of John Henry enjoyed them immensely. Was funny but it was at least an hour into the show before Joe interacted verbally with the audience. When you've been brought up on Coverdale and Hughes was strange to behold.

    Agree with Marie the sound generally was awesome but what was the frequent change of guitars about? I reckon he got through fifteen different models!

    oh and the crowd was 3500 apparently! Certainly lots of people there and i want to know why Glenn solo can't achieve that :huh:

    So the fifty four thousand question is are Hughes Bonamassa et al going to make sweet music?

    I have to be honest and say that i just don't know whether they are likely to gell musically. If he can [has!] delivered riffs similar to Blue and Evil then they may have a chance.


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