• Favorite GH song. I tried to think of a favorite song but it is so difficult. So, in a nutshell, I stopped trying. I saw a new clip on youtube that totally blew me away. Sorry if someone has done this before.

  • It is sooo hard to come up with a favourite out of all of them! Each song has it's own unique beauty about it! Don't Let Me Bleed is up in the top for me, but each time I pick a different album to listen to though I get a new favourite song all over again!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • my favorite song changes from time to time, it depends on my mood.
    I've been listening to "I don't want to live that way again" quite a lot lately, it's a very deep and powerfull song that speaks to me in many ways. I've holding back my dreams for to long and I don't wanna keep doing this anymore, there's really a voice that cries freedom inside of me.

    "Turn back the Time and let me in"

  • With Trapeze - Seafull
    With Deep Purple - Mistreated (GH live version)
    With Black Sabbath/Iommi - Don't Drag the River
    Solo - Written All Over Your Face


  • I always dig on that song. Heavy bass drags along to the chorus. Nice guitar and drums. For a softer change, I like Talk About It. I find sometimes that I have to stop listening to his music and force myself to listen to new material, but I always go back afterwards.

  • 'Hold out your life'. Not only for the dynamics, but this is the first time I really heard Hughes deliver that 'scream' right before the solo. Still gives me the shivers. Loved the guitarwork, and this was the best solo on the Hughes/Thrall album.

  • For me is You keep on moving one of the best Glenn songs ever! The duo singing of Glenn and David is great. The bassline in this number sounds very good.The Come taste the band album is from 1975, but now in 2010 still a timeless classic. Tommy Bolin's guitar playing was in that time far ahead at his time.

    Looking forward to the special edition of this album, mixed by super producer Kevin Shirley with our main man Glenn!

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • Very hard to choose, but I like the way lazy broke up his choices, so here are mine:

    with Trapeze: Black Cloud
    with Deep Purple: Gettin' Tighter
    with Tony Iommi: No Stranger To Love
    Solo: Soul Mover

  • it always changes but right now its Double Life.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

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