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  • I am wondering if anyone can validate the list of shows that Trapeze performed on the 1994 tour. Glenn's site lists about 5 shows and the tour was cancelled. Is that accurate ? Are the dates listed the only ones performed ? I have been listening to some audio shows from this tour and, they were really in fine form during those shows !!! They were all playing with renewed energy. They really sounded like they were having a great time. The set was excellent, many shows featuring three songs from Hot Wire. Glenn was great on that tour as was Mel. I have questioned the lack of some dates on Glenns Tourography page.
    For instance it lists no date for St. Louis in 1976, when it is pretty much confirmed that he performed with Trapeze there. It only lists the Texas date, of which a recording exsists. I am sure more dates were played. Anyway what about the 94 tour ? Was there more to that one ?
    If those dates were accurate, then I had the good fortune of witnessing the last ever Trapeze concert in Cleveland, Ohio.
    That is pretty significant for me, as I also attended the first night of the Sabbath 86 tour here in Cleveland, Ohio as well.
    Any info would help thanks.......

  • I believe that's correct, that tour 'kinda disintegrated. There was some talk in early 1995 for an April tour of that year, to make up for it, but due to Glenn's busy schedule, it didn't come about.

    One note if Fedor is reading....I have in my "notes"....the April 9th, 1994 show as being at Dallas City Limits in Dallas, Texas vs. The Roxy in Atlanta, GA. Not sure which is right, but anyway, that's one extra gig, even if the dates are switched or wrong!

    Regardless, I'm sure someone here will fill-in whatever's missing :)

  • I seem to remember the 94 tour was suppose to go through ten cities. Not sure exactly how many actually took place.

    I have recordings from three of them. Texas (city not known) on March 3rd, and Atlanta on April 9th. Without a doubt they played St. Louis, I was there. They played at Westport Playhouse on April 15th. This was my first time meeting Glenn in person....the rest is history.I remember Glenn saying as the show was wrapping up, that they would be back in November. So I think David is correct in saying that there was another tour planned and that this tour disintegrated due to Glenn's schedule. Remember, Burning Japan Live was recorded in early May just two weeks or so after playing St. Louis.

    Attached are a couple photos of memorabilia from that St. Louis show. You'll notice four signatures on the t-shirt. Glenn's, Mel's, Dave's, and Craig Erickson's. Craig helped out on guitar and keys, due to Mel's injury to his arm.


  • Holy Smokes, Chip!

    Are those photographs taken from the Glenn Hughes "wing" of your home?

    It looks like a Trapeze Crazy Person's idea of heaven!!!

    (I'm ashamed to say that my GH shrine is in cardboard boxes.)


  • You'd move in there tomorrow Grace! I know I would :bow:


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