Glenn and Joe Perry

  • Anxiously awaiting Black Country but another delicious supergroup would be Glenn and the boys from Aerosmith.

    Putting Glenn in to front Aerosmith with Tyler laid up for a year and a half would be certifiably awesome. He would put the funk and rock in that band the way they used to be before Tyler fell in love with being a pop star.

  • ...and apparently Joe Perry had the 'other' voice of rock in mind to replace Tyler.....

    Classic Rock can confirm that Paul Rodgers was invited to be Aerosmith’s new frontman.
    This happened at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour in London last November, when Aerosmith’s troubles with singer Steven Tyler were just beginning to surface.
    The awards were a star-studded affair. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and Rodgers were among the multitude of high-profile rockers in attendance.
    During a break in the ceremony Perry approached Scott Rowley, Classic Rock’s Editor In Chief, and asked him: “Can you introduce me to Paul Rodgers?”
    Amazingly, Perry had never met the Free/Bad Company/The Firm/Queen + Paul Rodgers frontman before.
    Rowley guided Perry to Rodgers’ table and the two stars engaged in conversation while Rowley chatted to Rodgers’ wife, Cynthia.
    However, Classic Rock’s Jerry Ewing, who was sitting at the table, overheard Perry make a direct approach to Rodgers about replacing Tyler in Aerosmith.
    Ewing recalls:
    “Basically Scott came over with Joe Perry who had asked to be introduced to Paul. After an initial introduction Perry started saying how Rodgers was his second-favourite vocalist of all time.
    “Rodgers typically asked who Perry’s favourite was, and Perry said: ‘The lead singer of Aerosmith.’ Cue some embarrassed laughter.
    “The talk then moved on to what Perry was doing and he said that he was doing the Joe Perry Project and they were looking to come over here and tour, at which point Rodgers mooted the idea of them supporting Bad Company on their just-announced shows.
    “The next thing, Perry is starting to tell Rodgers that they have problems with Tyler and that they intend to carry on regardless – and how great it would be if Rodgers took the slot, and would he be interested in trying out?
    “If I remember correctly there were the usual ‘how flattering’ platitudes but no real commitment, as you’d expect, nor refusal.”
    Classic Rock knows of two more major names who have been approached to sing for Aerosmith.
    We’ll be revealing another of those names on tomorrow (Thursday, January 28), with the final one to follow on Friday. So stay tuned to the Classic Rock website.

  • JSS would be perfect. Consider it: He's got the range, a voice that can sound at times Whiskey soaked and gravelly , crazy onstage energy, flamboyant..As poor a fit he was vocal tone wise for Journey, it would be the opposite for this gig.

  • I don't think it is a good idea Glenn to be a frontman of Aerosmith, Queen, etc.
    He has already done it before.

    He is a former member of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. I don't think Aerosmith is better band than Deep Purple.
    But Deep Purple is Gillan's band, Black Sabbath is Ozzy's band, Led Zeppelin is Plant's band, Aerosmith is Tyler's band.
    Glenn Hughes is one of the greatest rock singers and composers. He deserves to have his own great rock band with members, as good in their own instruments, as he is in singing. This is the only way for Glenn to take his well-deserved place in history.

    Black Country is the greatest thing that could happen to him.

  • I agree, Glenn has the chops to succesfully front any band,but he's to good to be a stand in.For me Paul Rodgers is a better vocalist than Freddie Mercury but try telling that to a lifelong Queen fan.

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