BLACK COUNTRY - press release


    ...and from UPI...…98631263924880/

  • Wow ! Now that its official I wonder how it all came to be, who's idea was it? will the managemnet change? is Carl Swann invloved in this project will they have a major label behind them? will they gig this year? so looking forward to this project its so cool!!!!

    Its a real bonus having Kevin Shirley sounds like this will be a real team effort :)

  • Cool news indeed :)

    BUT does this means we do not get a new Glenn solo album anytime soon? Did Glenn mentions anything about this??

    Glenn did announce back in November or thereabouts that he would be putting solo recording on hold, now we know about Black Country I guess this is why.

    My question is will Glenn be doing any solo gigs in the meantime still? Joe has solo gigs lined up so hopefully Glenn will still do some stuff and maybe do a Robin gig at least? :bow:

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Marie, Hi!

    I reckon another Robin weekend is in order. One day of solo stuff, maybe do a whole album like soul mover or SITKOR, and another of collaborations would be cool!

  • Thanks David for the map. I was wondering just what the area was. Of course if you don't know what "Black Country" means to these guys you may be expecting Cowboy Troy :D

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Cool to see the area on that map David. The name Black Country is really startin' to grow on me :thumbup:. Saw a replay of PBS' "Soundstage" last night with Jason Bonham on drums with Foreigner from a few years ago. He sounds great!

  • I am very excited about this lil' rock n roll combo, Black Country. When I first read the word "supergroup", I was very very leary because I don't think I could stand another 'Fused' or 'HTP' project. I kept quiet until the official announcement but, now that its public, I can say that this is going to be very interesting.

  • Yeah I've been really jamming on Joe B's stuff the past couple weeks. It's really great music!! The guy can not only play but he can flatout sing as well.

    Hey Bart, what time does the bus leave?? I'm there brother!! :thumbup:

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