• I for one am glad to know there will be a name change. Black Country just did not say rock, blues or funk in any way. Whatever the name though, greatness will be attached

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I for one am glad to know there will be a name change. Black Country just did not say rock, blues or funk in any way. Whatever the name though, greatness will be attached

    Well, it looks like greatness has no bearing when the money men get involved.
    Quoting Caveman from his FB post today.


    Black Country looks to have imploded, with a completed album in the can! We set out as friends and lovers of music, to make something special. Then the managers got in...volved... and kept changing their wants, ultimately demanding EVERYTHING! I can't absolve all the musicians - but one I can completely absolve, is the one who actually has a career and has just been voted Best Guitarist in the World - who was 100% open ALL the way. And he doesn't ride on anyone's coattails... Maybe they'll come to their senses.... I'm not holding my breath.

    Died on the vine. So Sad.

  • This is really bad news. All of the build up, the excitement and this thing is going to fall apart now!? With the album done nonetheless.

    Now we are left to wonder what might have been.

    I wish it were really just about the music but very sadly it is not :(

  • Not dead yet. Kev the Caveman is trying to pull it back from the brink.

    "OK - I have been urged to amend this - like everything on the internet, things get twisted! I believe there is a salvage operation to rescue survivors from the downed BC plane. I have just had a big conversation with Glenn, who is mortified about the situation, as he has really put his heart and soul into it. I love Glenn. Here's the salvage plan guys - everyone is equal. It's that easy. Cut out the cancer that is anyone greedy, and this thing will rock. Morality rules..... managers try to. I am mad too!!!"

    Cooler heads may prevail and egos may take a back seat for art's sake.
    Rick :)

  • can someone please tell me what is going on? Glenn has been bragging about the new band and now Im reading some cryptic posts about the name changing? Help me.

  • he posted a couple of disheartening things earlier too -

    Caveman! and it may never be heard.......
    Wed at 10:29pm

    Caveman! 1 band + 3 managers = Meltdown!

    Mott the Hoople, Them Crooked Vultures, Blind Faith.....

    What did you learn in class today, kids?
    Yesterday at 6:37am

    Caveman! The lunatics are trying to take over the asylum!
    Wed at 6:27am · Comment · Like
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    Ryan Miller Which lunatics?
    Wed at 6:27am

    Caveman! The Greedy Ones!
    Wed at 6:30am

    there is some good news from him though.....

    Caveman! I'm the studio with Journey - producing their next album. Despite not rushing, we already have two new tunes in the can!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Still hope. Caveman, Glenn and Joe are pulling it back together. Equal split 4 ways so no one's ego gets bruised and no manager feels slighted. Hope for the best :thumbup:

  • No no no no! common sence has to prevail, I hope. I am suprised the business end had not been sorted before they even got to the studio.

    I must admit, I have always been concerned about who or how this project would be managed and clearly it has not been handled that well , name issues, % of revenue issues no doubt.

    I only hope that the issues can be resolved without malice or resentment this project has got legs and could go all the way ,perhaps that's why there is so much at stake right now!!

    Hope this project gets to see the light of day with all on board and content with there lot.

  • Chickenfoot pulled it off.
    Hey Chad, can you lend a helping hand :confused:

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Quote from Caveman

    but one I can completely absolve, is the one who actually has a career

    Seems a bit harsh!! Who doesn't have a career??

    Quote from Caveman

    And he doesn't ride on anyone's coattails

    Hmmm, How to win friends!!! I don't know but I think Kevin Shirley needs to think before he slams people! It's nice he's obviously friend with Joe B, but that's a nasty dig at Glenn!

  • Agree with you Elberry!

    Although we cant be sure it was Glenn that was being spoken about. Very harsh words, particularly as there was/is a chance of the 'project' being resurrected. Mr Shirley also talks as if it is his band and he should be the one in control. I don't know what has happened but it doesn't seem good.

    Oh and if he was talking about Glenn, er, Glenn was in one of the biggest selling bands in the world before Joe B was a whippersnapper! So not only is he highly regarded artistically, he has also sold a hell of a lot of records!

    Best wishes all,


  • I don't know what happened either, but it looked like it happened overnight.
    We all know that Glenn unfortunately is a no-name in the USA.
    The Bonamassa link can change this and they know it. So, if glenn's manager was the one who was claiming a bigger piece of the pie he should think twice as Bonamassa is actually selling the records (not only in the states by the way). Thery should also know that now the whole world is watching wether Glenn can pull it off musically, mentally, physically etc. We know he can, but the naysayers of world need to be convinced too.
    From an artistic standpoint Glenn definitely deserves the respect, but the music business is not called business for nothing:

    The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." -
    -- Hunter S. Thompson :eek:

  • I think the Coat-tails comment must've been aimed at Jason Bonham. I personally think he's a great drummer but doors were definitely opened because of his Dad!

  • There's an old saying from my rugby playing days (can't compete with Hunter S I am afraid) "what goes on tour stays on tour." Trouble is that blogs, Twitter, FB and the like can change perceptions overnight rightly or wrongly.

    Without adding to the speculation, my feeling stays the same as most of you since we first heard the wonderful news. I wanna hear this album as a fan first and foremost. Let us stay positive on the forums and hopefully the natural frustration which can happen in any creative business can be sorted.

  • Agree with Keith, a few years ago this would all have been conducted behind closed doors! now we have so much information in sound bite format we never get the whole picture.Venting frustration through this media can be midsleading.

    Keith, as PR man guess you feel the whole project could have been, with hindsight, handled better as far as information flow and its accuracy and validity? I also guess this project has growqn organically with a let's see how it goes approach.

    Like most people I really want to hear this album and with any luck see them play live. Also, I really want to see Glenn back on the big stage !!!
    and in the mainstream album charts... not much to ask for .....

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