• David.

    I see your point however i am actually disappointed that they are covering Medusa. Just want an album of fresh exciting new material with their own identity. I'm sure it will be a great version, just think they should leave it as is.

    Hope that opinion doesn't upset anyone!


  • You can't compare Gary Moore or Kenny Wayne Shepherd (or anyone else) to Joe B. That guy is a prodigy, he's been playing since he was a little kid and has always been incredible. He's a musician's musician; an absolute expert on technique, tone, feeling and passion. I can't wait to hear the album.

    I remember seeing a thread on this board one time ...and it was a link to Glenn singing Tarkus with Keith ...EL&P was a favorite of mine and I had just a glimmer of doubt, not of Glenn's talent, but of what he would sound like singing something like an EL&P song. I clicked on the link and fell out of my chair. And clicked and clicked and clicked and I'm still clicking on it. LOL Brothers and sisters, have faith. This will rock. It will be great when it comes out to the majority of those that hear it, and later everyone else will say it grew on them until it became something they treasure. I have a good feeling about it, mainly because everything I've heard from Glenn becomes something I can't do without.

  • I sorta' hear what your saying Paul, but do bear in mind this is just one song - it's not going to be a 'covers' album, trust me; so everyone is going to get what they want out of it - new, fresh songs, with a tad of the old, thrown in for good measure :)

  • I kinda wish it was all original songs too. Although I suppose if there has to be a cover, at least it's something obscure to the average joe, and not a song like "Hush" or something.

    Roger, you ever listen to any of the stuff Gary Moore recorded with Skid Row back when he was 16? Tasty...

  • I really can't wait to hear the new material and I think Medusa would be obscure enough to none Glenn fans to work. Is Medusa a hint of the flavour of what the new writing will be like?

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Medusa could also be intended as a bonus track (perhaps for Japan?) so I am not alarmed at all.

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  • we on here all the time might know the song madusa-(and like it)-but do you think the rest of the world does? i bet you all that everyone that buys the black country album wont -im waiting to hear it myself :thumbup:

  • Mixed feelings. Medusa has never been 1 of my favs. , but I know that G. likes it a lot, so I'm happy for him that he can play it if he wants to and spread some love and memories Mel's way. I'm sure it was really special in the studio w/ Joe playing Mel's guitar.

    ALSO, I guess this is as good of a place as any to say that I am having a problem (nothing like world peace), but when I click on a thread I am not being brought to the 1st unread thread. If I don't pay attention or look, I'm missing some stuff. What about that David is it me , or you ;) :huh: :confused: Oh yeah, and by the way, I think we should convert the old chat thread to a misc. musical nerd- type thing, such as I am looking for anyone who may have a copy of Billy Rankin, 'Crankin' Rankin'. Does anyone on here know Billy Rankin ?
    thanks and peace,

  • ALSO, I guess this is as good of a place as any to say that I am having a problem (nothing like world peace), but when I click on a thread I am not being brought to the 1st unread thread. If I don't pay attention or look, I'm missing some stuff. What about that David is it me , or you ;) :huh: :confused:

    PM me if you're still having trouble, so as not to take this thread off topic!

    But briefly, a thread is not a post....meaning if you click on a thread (topic), it will take you to the beginning of that thread. If you click on a post, it will take you to that post within a particular thread; such as from the forum home page, click on a post and it takes you directly to that post (which in most cases, is the latest post, within the given thread). PM me if you're still confused ;)

  • Joe B I have followed since around 2005 so it's a bit like the feeling I had when Glenn joined DP from Trapeze. Yeah that good! Joe is not a mere shredder but a Feel man. Listen if you will to the complete songwriting ability on the Ballad of John Henry. As wolfy said, bringing strings into a blues song signals confidence:-

    Joe Bonamassa - Ballad of John Henry[/ame]

    and then compare that with the epic guitar fest, Pain and Sorrow

    Joe Bonamassa Band @ Tangier, Pain And Sorrow - Part A[/nomedia]

    It's like listening to two different players.

    Totally agree with Forever Young and David here. No point in dragging a name to sell a few t shirts. It's about producing something new and relevant.

    ...and don't forget that Joe was inspired to play by the likes of Purple Mark Three and Four and Zeppelin so I am guessing that will mean that blues is not the only genre up his sleeve. Classical? Folk? Soul? Who knows?

  • Hi...

    like everyone's said Joe is great, Jason and Derek are awesome...Glenn is extraordinary...Medusa is fine...but I was really hoping all original new material...

    ...OK...if there's one cover tune...it will make journalists' work easier..."You know Black Country is like early 70's funk rock with a little bit blues in it..."


    ...anyway - loooking forward to hearing new music from Glenn...

    From partly cloudy L.A.

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)

  • Iam sooooo... looking forward to this Album, have been checking Joe out and he is in the classic blues rock era but coming from a 30 something year old position. I am sure itS going to be a classic, great riffs, great hook melodies, cool vocals, exceptional playing. Best news from Glenn in years IMHO. This could go BIG ! :)

  • I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited about the Hughes/Bonamassa pairing when I first heard it, mainly because I wasn't familiar with Bonamassa and I'm not a big fan of most blues players/music. But, after watching the videos on here, the guy can definitely play some raunchy blues rock, which I do like. And the more I watch these videos, the more excited I get about the potential of the band. Joe B. certainly can play and he's a pretty good singer, too. I think he'll write some great songs with Glenn and I expect a good dose of dirty groove rock when the Black Country album comes out...and I will be crossing my fingers for a club tour in the States!

  • Jon, I don't see any reason whatsoever that there wouldn't be a full on tour of the states. Joe is selling out theaters across the country now for most of his shows. He has a big and ever growing fanbase here. They will all come out to see anything this guy is involved in. Of course we will do the same with Glenn.

    It is beyond exciting to consider how many new people are going to experience Glenn!!

    I too have been really getting into Joe's stuff and he's incredible! I have all but one of his CD's and it's only been a few weeks! I have played it for friends and all of them are blown away! This is huge and it's exactly the right time and place. I can feel it!! This is going to be the stuff that we all love so much. The stuff you just don't hear anymore.

    The talent of this band is beyond any of these other so called super groups. More importantly is that they are into real music and not what pop junk they can throw out there.

  • I'm going to see Joe in May in the UK which I can't wait for. My other half has already seen him live before and Joe and G together will be a fusion of awesome, especially throwing in Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian! Wow, wow, wow!!!!! Bring on the album and tour!!!!!!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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