• There is now also an official Black Country Communion Logo. Glenn has worked on this and it lookes very good. Great logo's (for instance ACDC or Rainbow) are nice and looking cool on an album cover or t-shirt or poster!
    So let's rock BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION :)

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • I´m really sorry to ask this particulary question because it´s probably uneasy question, but I have to do that:

    Jason Bonham did recently an interview for Musicradar - probably before BCC promo tour started and one part of interview really dissapointed me a lot...


    Question: When you, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were trying out various singers like Myles Kennedy in 2008, how close were you to actually putting Zeppelin on the road again?

    Jason: "It got as close as you could get. It got real close. You know, we did a year of writing and putting stuff together. I loved working with Jimmy and John Paul. It was so much fun. That band… I think we felt more like a band than Black Country Communion."

    Can anyone (best would be if David would ask that Glenn himself) say, what Jason thought by that sentence? It really dont seems that Jason is "happy" with the state of Black Country Communion... I hope that he means that different - something like that the recording in studio was shorter than usual for classic bands.... but that comment from Jason really dont sound good. Can you ask David for Glenn´s opinion on that? Thanks so much for every GH fan.... we really need to know the truth.

  • It's no biggie :)

    Just at that time Jason B was really wanting a Led Zep reunion to take place, then later, when it was obvious it wasn't to be, the BCC opportunity came along and here he is! As for the BCC comment, it was no doubt a comparison of the camaraderie factor; the other project was being worked on for nearly a year, if I'm not mistaken. BCC came together in a matter of weeks and Jason and the others have only seen eachother, maybe three or four times during that whole coming together, recording session period. So it's not surprising he might say that... perhaps he could of worded it better. But there's certainly nothing sinister behind it, so no need for you to panic :D

    Anyway, as I say, it's all good and you'll see Jason, Joe and Glenn doing the promotional thing together, here Stateside, in early September. I also hear there might be a 'single' put out in August, ahead of the BCC album release, but nothing confirmed or definite yet... will let you know if it's 'gonna happen :)

  • Thank you very much for informations David. That commentary from Jason seemed to be "more current" than it really was - I really thought that this interview is from recent weeks, and from your reply, it seems like that interview was older - probably from times of that "problems" in BCC.... Great that it´s all over now. :) Looking forward to hear the album and for the fullscale tour!

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