• Well I've checked out some of Joe's stuff on youtube, and although he is a good musician, there's nothing original about what he's doing. It's all been done before countless times. I mean the same old rehashed blues can become rather boring, I love blues based players like Page/Blackmore etc but they had far more strings to their bows so to speak. What is Joe doing that's any different to the likes of a Kenny Wayne Sheperd or Gary Moore as two examples that spring to mind? Thay may as well used Mr Moore and that would have been a supergroup!

  • Some of you guys have got to stop being so insular, do you really think Glenn would involve himself with and in a project that just relies on what has gone before? I think we can be guaranteed something original and perhaps not what you'd expect from the others involved.

    Sure they have a past - but that's my point - this is 2010, not some days gone by, 35 years ago! Remember when Hughes/Thrall first came out; that was way ahead of anything at the time, but there was a nod here and there to their previous outings, but it's not remembered for that, is it! At least, not in my book :)

    Just my 2 cents guys & gals :D

  • here is what i think -u guys all know glenn is never gonna sit in one spot -hes gonna keep moving forward -and as far as joining forces with others what always happens?-just like michael jordan he makes every one around him better -hughes/thrall htp fused -he goes and sings a song one someones cd- moonstone -countless others come one u guys i trully believe its gonna be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup: lets see what beautiful new music glenn brings to the world -everybody relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with what you guys are saying, my point being that when a so called "Supergroup" is formed and is surounded by a lot of hype, the expectations are huge. People want incredibly strong songs that will stand up against the greats of the past and hold their own long term. If we look at the likes of "Chicken Foot" and "Them Crooked Vultures" , on paper they're great and should be writing memorable material, but in my humble opinion, they're not! Great musianship is one thing and great songs are another.

  • JB is young and very talented and will be a great combo with Glenn. Where it would be rather predictable would have been if it was name form the same era as Glenn.

    JB has got for it all me, this is going to be an increidble band, I trust Glenn would not do "any old project" and he clearly feels this is going to be creativley rewarding and push the boundaries or redefine Blues based Hard rock for the 2010's based on great songs with melody, power and great playing, in fact all indicators suggest this will be the case. Bring it on!

  • I think some of you are selling Joe short here. I wasn't very familar with him either but I started looking deeper into this guy since Glenn is involved.

    He is nothing short of brilliant!! Ver very much in the same way Glenn is. In fact I can't think of an artist who has made me feel that way since I got hooked on Glenn's stuff. His albums are all a different flavor from one another too. He's an amazing guitarist and I for one am glad he didn't link up with one of these older guys just because of a name. This guy is NOW and he keeps getting better. He is considered widely as one of the absolute best guitar player, blues/rock artists in the world if not the best.

    I am beyond stoked about this becuase there is so much talent with this band and the possibilities are limitless. It's funny because they are saying the same things about Glenn over at his board. You know "how could Joe get involved with this guy, he's no star etc etc." But they don't know about Glenn and haven't given him a chance. Of course some have.

    Take a better look at who Glenn is playing with and I think you'll be excited. I know I am. Plus now I have more great music to listen too! It's THAT good!!! :bow:

  • Forever Young, you're so, so right.

    I've been following Joe Bonamassa for a few years now, and got to see him perform when he came through town a year and a half ago. He is amazing. Truly. I have two of his live DVD's, all of his albums and even the Bloodline CD that came out years ago before he became a solo recording artist. It seems like each new Bonamassa CD is better than the last. The guy has got passion, soul and chops like nobody's business. Black Country may be touched by the blues, but it is not going to be a blues band. Just as Glenn will bring a bit of funk to the proceedings, but it will not be a funk band. I have every confidence that Black Country is going to be a piledriving, guitarnormous, rifftastic wall of sound with a touch of funk, a touch of blues and a whole lot of hard rock thunder. I'm picturing a mix of Deep Purple, Grand Funk and Led Zeppelin.

    Have faith. Joe is not a snoozer like Clapton, or a Stevie Ray clone like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. He's not painting with a limited palette of sounds and style. He's the greatest player to come along in recent memory, and he's gonna kick your collective arses :thumbup:

  • I too have recently been checking out Joe B,. admittedly the obvious Ballad of John Henry tracks & they're good!
    I think we should all go with Glenn on this one & see where the Funkmeister takes us!!
    Good to have something new to look forward to in the summer :) :)

  • Yahoo!

    I can't wait! We all know Gelnn only delivers high class - he is an achiever, a mover and a shaker and this will be awesome! I like all the artists! Wasn;t sure if Derek Sherinian was on the bill btu really pleased he is - Dream Theater are one of my fave bands! I love Joe Bonamassa and Jason Bonham speaks for himself! Excellent news and I really can't wait! This will be an exciting path for Glenn!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Thanks for the news David :thumbup:

    BUT how do you want us to wait till "late 2010" or even "early 2011" ??? :div27:

    This is indeed a great new adventure for Glenn and we sincerely hope that this band will get the media exposure it deserves. We just can't wait !!!


  • Hmm I've seen Joe open up for somebody at the House of Blues and he was great. Bloodline was good stuff and I think this project should be excellent. If Im not mistaken he's also recorded with JLT- so he's on these guys radar. He has some potential.

  • Heh...I was just about to say that Joe Lynn Turner had him first...If I remember correctly he played on Holy Man....album that got Joe Lynn and Glenn together making hard rock for MK III and IV fans...what goes around...

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)

  • In case you missed it on Twitter earlier from Glenn...


    I have been thinkin' about Mel Galley a lot lately... I really miss him... Joe played Mel's Les Paul on Medusa on the Black Country album... GH

    This is wonderful news, especially as 'Medusa' is one of my favourite Trapeze songs. This is also a very cosmic moment don't you think? Joe B. playing Mel's guitar and Jason B. playing on a song from one of his fathers' favourites - what Glenn must be experiencing right about now, it must be beyond belief, eh!

    This is feeling so right... bring it on :bouncer:

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