My own new secret Supergroup!

  • Through connections at work, I'm rehearsing on keyboards with a multi platinum band's well known guitarist and his all star band this week and gigging as well. Unfortunately the gig is not open to the general public, but I will put up pics and videos and give details later in the week. I'm just tickled to death to play with one of my all time favorite heroes!!!! My favorite gig in 2009 was playing in a band that pays tribute to this guitarist's here I am 5 months later about to play with the real guy. And of course being that the family tree extends so far, there are more than a couple of extended Deep Purple family connections in this band with the other band members. (although none that I know of with the guitarist) . Ok back to the keyboards, i'm practicing right now like never before!

    John H

  • Since we haven't played yet-- and I'm not a famous player if I get to the rehearsal and get thrown out I don't want to say who yet. It's nobody from the Doors or anybody close to that universe. That would be no big deal at this point. Ill have the info on Wed or Thursday. Thanks.

  • Hey all sounds very cool.I am waiting to hear the rest of the tale! Anytime you get to jam with another musician that you have admired over the years is beyond special...

    Some years back, my friend John Williamson was in a band called Alaska; not to be confused with the Bernie Marsden band of the same name. They went into Fantasy Studios to cut a demo with Tim Gorman behind the board. There was a lot of major label interest which unfortunately faded upon discovering the amount of coke being consumed by their manager...But John recalls how cool it was working in that studio and with Tim Gorman....

    I hope the whole experience is great for you!! :thumbup: :cool:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • The rehearsals and introductions went great today. The gig is tomorrow so there will be more pics. I'm at the end of the day and have to wind the pic I do have from today will have to wait. So I will now spill the beans. I was sitting at my desk a couple of weeks ago, when Armando, one of our guitar managers snuck up behind me and asked me if I would like to play with one of my favorite guitarists- well of course!!!

    It's the Journeyman- Neal Schon. On drums is Prarie Prince from the Tubes, session work and the drummer on Savannah Woman and Wild Dogs on Tommy Bolin's Teaser. I asked him about that album today and he said it was a blast- they flew him down and they did those tracks in one day. Prairie did the Teaser shirt for Tommy and they jammed on other stuff that wasn't on the album. The rest of the band is a singer that is not well known -but may be soon..Im not quite sure of his name. Marco Mendoza is on bass and Miles Schon- who looks just like his dad and plays like him on guitar. Neal is a great guy- and being able to partcipate in this one off project is beyond my wildest dreams. I'm blessed, honored and thankful to be able to do this and pull it off. Thanks for the responses, and there will be pics and should be videos too. This is like the rock and roll fantasy camp- but I didn't have to pay 10 grand. It took hours to get these songs down before today, but I'm keeping up with these guys and it feels good.

  • thats brilliant for you John :bouncer: :D

    Neal Schon has written and played amazing stuff for...... ever!

    and a drummer who worked with Bolin :eek: WOW. He's worked with a really varied set of artists from John Fogerty to Chris Isaack and Todd Rungren to Richard Marx.

    good luck and go out there and enjoy yourself :thumbup: :)

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I should add- the hours spent practicing at home were almost all (5-6) devoted to track 11 from Revelation- The Journey. I just haven't been learning any songs lately, so my song learning ear skills have dived- and took a long break in December- well long for me- three weeks or so. I think Herbert was right- Neal is like Mozart. I love musical challenges though- and going from completely and totally lost with this piece for hours to playing it as good as Jonathan Cain is total satisfaction. Harrison Ford said "No Limit for Better."

  • Hi John, You don't know me, but these are some serious players.
    I've recently had a chance to step up a little in the bands I'm playing with, nothing in this league. These dudes are seriously good pros, whom I've paid money to see. Marco twice with Whitesnake and John Syke's Lizzy.
    Even at my level in the food chain, we are keeping quiet about the bass guy, who is our highest profile guy until it's absolutely happened.
    Pleased for you, Cheers, Bruce

  • Wow, wow and thrice wow! I absolutely love Journey and Neil Schonn! Congratulations on getting in on the line up and well done for all the efforts you are putting in to practice! Thats great news for you adn I'm really pleased! Keep us all posted! xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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