Live @ Drum Off, Los Angeles

  • Look close (!),

    "Moby Dick" was being played :cool:

    I'd say that is probably as much of a hint as we're gonna get out of David. Jason Bonham on the drums. I can not see any guitar player in the pic. I do see the Led Zep sign on the top of the band ( yes, he did say that Moby Dick was being played) but, it does leave me wondering how far/close that Jimmie Page might be. Anyone else know who was playing guitar with them on stage there that night ?

  • There is a certain resemblance to JB. But which JB? I can confirm without any hesitation or preamble that Glenn Hughes WILL definitely be in this band.

    Congratulations to David or Shirean for climbing up on the rig and putting the Coast to Coast logo higher than ZOSO! How did they do that?

    Can I point out that there is a figure in blue just above the fingers of the man with the camera. It looks like one of those feaky "ghost" pics you know where a priest appears in the background. Trick of the light maybe but this anorak did zoom in and stroked his chin for at least five seconds.

    Great fun this! I reckon that they should NOT reveal the line up at all until the album is released and people STILL have to guess who the musicians are. The same applies to the tour. You know like Floyd with The Wall. Hey not a bad idea! A check wil do fine haha

  • joe B, Glenn, and Jason played "Moby Dick" at the Drum Off, according to JB's twitter page.


    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Kevin Shirley wrote on the 24th of November "The "supergroup" is just a four piece, and we have an exploratory recording session early next year" - so that would imply we still need one more name (assuming it's GH,JB and JB) - probably keyboards although maybe another guitar


  • Ok, I have been doing a lite lurking elsewhere, JB,s forum to be precise. I found this posted today:

    So ,what do we make of this, sounds very plausible and adds the 4th member. I reckon this is it, my final guess on the subject :clapper:

  • The problem with the "Supergroup" idea is "What do they play ?". You have Blues, Rock and Funk intertwined and would either have a wonderful collaboration or a huge mess. Personally, I'd d=rather just see Glenn tour with Jeff and Ed and Steve or Chad doing HIS stuff.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • The problem with the "Supergroup" idea is "What do they play ?".

    Did you see already some Them Crooked Vultures concert? They play his own album. And their concerts are great. I don't see any problem.


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    Glenn and Joe were Jason's guests on stage at the Wiltern in LA last Friday for "A Very Special Tribute To John Bonham" - they played "Moby Dick" (this is not great quality).

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