Come Taste The Band remaster

  • Great interview! I've always admired Jon Lord. Not only is he an astounding musician, but he's well-spoken, gentle-natured and good-humored. A class act.

    :thumbup: :bow: :clapper: MY SWEET LORD :)

    Jon Lord & Don Airey 1991


    - JON LORD & DON AIREY[/ame]

    "Jon Lord, is that you?" "No, it's Ozzy Osbourne" :D


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Jon Lord & Don Airey 1991

    That's from Eddie Hardin's Wind In The Willows Rock Concert in Cologne (or Freiburg?) 1991. The Ouverture features even more interplay between Airey, Lord and Ray Fenwick on guitar and a classic Jon Lord organ solo :cool:
    Graham Bonnet is in it too, Maggie Bell, Tony Ashton, Pete York, and, and, and... Good one!



  • That video is just the upcoming documentary, if I watch it all, I won't want to buy the Doc! Come Taste just rules!!! It's the DP album I keep coming back to time and time again...more than any other. Purpendicular is like this too. Evergreen.

  • Clearly some fotage comes from the upcomming Gettin Tighhter DVD. I´ve seen studio footage (World at large?) and super 8 footage as well...this is gttting promizing every day.

  • what a brilliant doc this will be!

    Jon Lord truly is a rock giant, a gentle man :bow:

    I wish that he was contributing to rock music still with his mighty organ :eek: :)

    No disrespect to Derek but.....[fill in the rest!]. can't wait for the remaster/remix in my hand!

  • i too love Ritchie's Rainbow and DP work but have to agree that CTTB and Purpendicular are great albums. Purpendicular has a couple of my favourite DP tracks in Loosen My Strings and Sometimes i feel like screaming. If Morse's DP albums had been as consistently good as this album is i think he would be a lot more appreciated.

  • If I was allowed only one album to take on a desert island with me, it would have to be Come Taste The Band.

    Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. 18:34 minutes of pure quality ... :bow:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • they have added the CTTB poster i sent them! :)

    got it for $25 in mint condition while in LA with Chip and Todd.

    Also picked up a mint condition Stormbringer poster for the same price as shown here.
    And at $2 to the £ :p :D

    Ashamed to say that having had the CD for the best part of 2 weeks have only just got around (............this time (sorry!!) ) to reading the booklet & see "Wolf Smith" first in the 'Thanks to' credits ---congratulations :claphands although to split your name up into 2 is almost as sinful as spelling Glenn's name with just one 'n' (as again illustrated in one of the press clippings in the same booklet)..................Doh!


    Ben !!

  • Got it yesterday. A b'd it with the original's wave files I have on my Ipod and it is clearly a big improvement over the old CD, which sounded fine too. The remix is interesting, but agree with posters on the DP runboard, for some reason the drums are too squashed on the remix. Don't agree with changing the order of the songs, that is sacrilege, but we have the choice of changing them back! Enjoyed hearing the extra bits instead of the fadeouts. Haven't had a chance to crank on my PA downstairs, get ready neighborhood to Come Taste The Band!

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