Come Taste The Band remaster

  • Fresh news from the dpas:


    Fans of Deep Purple's final original studio album can start to get excited. It looks as if 2010 will finally see the addition of this material to the racks in some shape or form, as the multi-tracks are now back in the UK to be gingerly opened, checked and archived. Ideally a sort of remaster / remix package along the lines of Machine Head is what we'd all like but it's early days yet, and we'll keep you informed.

  • Per Glenn's tweet today, Kevin SHirley is remixing the Come Taste the Band album. Hopefully its eventual release will be a remastered edition featuring both Shirley's new mix and Martin Birch's original mix. What a great album that is. Definitely a highlight to watch for in 2010!

  • I can't wait to hear it!

    Just moved again...back in Virginia and getting settled...have to get the Internet set up at the apartment; until then, I have Starbucks...

    Kevin Shirley has done some fabulous work; witness his work on the Led Zeppelin DVD, and this should be a killer package.

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  • As per Kevin Shirley earlier today...


    Just finishing a remix of the Deep Purple album, Come Taste The Band. What a trip!! It's been such fun - started off with "The Drifter" and didn't want to stray too much from the originals, but by the end I'm pushing it, and there are some different bits and pieces all over - I'm diggin' it. Sent the mixes to both David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, who also came up to my studio, The Cave, for a day - Coverdale: "Kick arse. KS...a veritable sonic treat..." Glenn Hughes: "Yeah baby!...sounds great...Drums are way better...sounds more cohesive...2 thumbs up..." * I was a Deep Purple fan before I was a Zeppelin fan...

  • I recall an early David Coverdale '78-ish interview mentioning an unissued Steely Dan influenced instrumental recorded pressumably in Munich I pressume? I am glad DC enthused about Kevin Shirley's remix so far.I hope can we extend 'Gettin' Tigher'.

  • Looking forward to hearing it! "Come Taste The Band" is a great album! Tommy Bolin did a great job on it, by far and away his finest moment! :thumbup:

  • Having in mind the release of the of 'Days May Come...' I am really curious of what can be squeezed out yet of the 'CTTB' mix. I really has to be done carefully not to damage what's already a classic. 'Days...' had some takes superior to the finished album versions of songs (imho 'Drifter' and 'Owed To 'G' are much more raw and bitting on the sessions), so I'm really curious how this turns out.

    I wouldn't mind what DPAS mentioned - the two CD edition with the original mix and disc of alternate takes... possibly without fade-outs. BTW, that is what I'd like to happen to any Purple material - there is so much brillance lost in these 'to silence' sections (the most extravagant example of this is the unfaded 'Black Night' version on the anniversary edition of 'In Rock' - one of the most rousing Blackers solos ever).

    Just imagine 'Comin' Home' or 'Dealer' audible to the last note - now this would be a fiesta for a Purple freak :)

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  • After reading this thread again I decided to play the album today - on repeat -I almost forgot just how superb this album was (is)! Gettin' Tighter is still as sassy as it was in the 70s, and I love GH's vocals on This Time Around.

    I'm seriously excited about this remix. :bouncer2:

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  • Update :


    Come Taste The Band has been confirmed as a deluxe 35th Anniversary 2CD release for late spring 2010. Disc 1 will include the remaster and possibly a couple of rare singles edits, Disc 2 will include the remixes and two unissued tracks. Limited Edition slipcase for the first print run, and a big booklet. You can pre-order now at DPAS Mailorder. No news yet on a vinyl edition.

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  • At first I wasn't sure what you meant but yeah you do have a point in the chorus it kind of has that G A thing like the Kinks. After 12 years of listening to this I have never thought of that, so the ripoff if there was one was stealthily done!

  • Yeah,

    and I even think You really got me is a twisted turned upside down Bo diddly rhythm/riff too, that Van Halen emphasized even more than the Kinks. Pat Travers did the same with Makin' Magic: duu duu doo doo doo....chuck-chuck
    Bo Diddly of course does this: duu-kah duu-ka doo........chuck chuck.....

    RU following me?

  • "Shave and a haircut...two bits"

    Bo Diddley's beat as literally transcribed..I read that someplace but can't remember where.

    I don't think "Drifter" is a rip of "You Really Got Me" any more than "Love Child" could be seen as a shotgun marriage of "Funk # 49" and Led Zep's "Heartbreaker".

    A "nick" would be the Beatles lifting the guitar lick from Bobby Barker's record "Watch Your Step" and turning it into "I Feel Fine", something they have owned up to in interviews.

    Now a rip-off....anyone here remember Robbie Dupree? You don't?? Ok, it has been a while and those of you outside the US probably never heard the record.....Around 1980 or so, he came out of nowhere with a record called "Steal Away". He gets to the chorus; "Why don't we steal away" and the keyboard player plays the lick from "What A Fool Believes" a huge hit for The Doobie Brothers a year or so earlier. Not content to stop there, he sings the bridge vocal in a dead-on ringer style of Michael McDonald.

    I don't know if this is true but I heard he played a show in a club somewhere and after the show was over, walked into the dressing room to be confronted by the Doobies standing in a line with grim looks on their faces, vigourously smacking fists into open hands....OK I made that part up but you get the idea...;)

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  • "Come Taste The Band" has another very important distinction that sets it apart from ALL other albums in the Deep Purple catalog. It is the ONLY album from which EVERY track was performed onstage during the tour to support it...Sure, some songs were tried and dropped rather quickly while a few others didn't get played from the get go....but during the tour from 1975 to 1976 EVERY track was played on stage.

    No..the performance of "Machine Head" in its entirety some 30-odd years after the fact doesn't count.

    From where I am sitting that say a lot about the quality of the material....all the more reason why I can't wait for CTTB to get the million mile champagne treatment...Bring it on!! :thumbup: :cool:

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